10 Beautiful Flowers To Grow In Container For Fall

by Sasha Ridley

    If you are finding plants to put in containers this year for your garden, there were quite a few options that we want to share in the post today. Here are 10 beautiful flowers to grow in a container for fall to make your house more impressive and beautiful. We are sure that you will fall in love to go with them because they are not only pretty but also easy to grow. Spending your time checking them with us!
    10 Beautiful Flowers To Grow In Container For Fall
    As you know, gardening in the fall is so a lot of fun. With the cool weather, it is a great time to grow your favorite flowers. However, you will have to note the growth of the plant for this season. At the time will have a lot of days that have temperature drops too much, and you have to bring the plants indoors. So, growing them in containers is a great choice so that you will easily move them anywhere you want. Because of this, you should decide to plant their plants that bloom in the fall in containers that can easily be moved from an outdoor space to an indoor one.

    #1 Chrysanthemums

    This flower produces blooms that vary in color. It will require well-drained soil and full sun to really thrive. Mums will grow in nearly every climate, but they are commonly seen in hardiness zones 3 to 11 in containers. This plant does require a bit more care when it comes to water, but this is because of the shallow roots.

    #2 Toad Lily

    Toad lily is a beautiful fall plant that has a brightly colored bloom. The flowers that it produces resemble orchids, and they can be seen in zones four through nine. These plants are easy to care for, they prefer to grow in well-drained soil that is somewhat moist and partial shade.

    #3 Stonecrop

    This flower has foliage ranges in color, which makes it ideal for a fall container garden, and the blooms are always pink. This plant can grow to be two feet tall or more, and it does best in well-drained soil and full sun. This plant can be seen growing in hardiness zones 4 to 10.

    #4 Helenium

    The Helenium is a plant that looks a lot like a daisy, but the bloom that it produces is a much more vibrant color. In fact, it has a red and orange petal that is almost the color of the sunset when the blooms begin to show at the end of summer. These blooms will continue to show well into the fall of the year when the temperature gets cooler in zones 3 to 8. This is a plant that needs full sunlight and well-drained soil.

    #5 Goldenrod

    This flower has a colorful plant that grows well in containers, the foliage of the plant will look great planted with ferns and other ornamental grasses. This is a plant that can be seen growing in hardiness zones 4 to 9. These plants will do best in an area where it gets the morning sun.

    #6 Million Bells

    As a relatively small plant, this is a great one that can be planted in containers because the leaves can easily spill out of them as the plant grows. This is a plant that prefers to grow in warmer temperatures, so it will be seen in zones 9 to 11. It will do well in full sun to partial shade, but it will need to have well-drained soil to thrive.

    #7 Aster

    Asters are known as a staple when it comes to fall-blooming plants. They are relatively simple to care for; they prefer full sun, but they can also grow in some shade. They also prefer well-drained soil that is slightly moist.

    #8 Coneflower

    The sunset coloration of this plant makes it ideal for a fall garden. Coneflowers grow best in full sun and well-drain soil, but it will also tolerate a bit of shade and moisture as it grows. This plant grows in zones 3 to 8 well, and with the right care, it can grow to be up to 3 feet tall.

    #9 Oxalis

    This is an ideal plant to grow in a container because it is only hardy in zones 7 to 11. If you live in a zone where it gets colder, the best course of action to keep this plant alive is to plant it in a container. Known as the shamrock plant, it will grow well in partial shade and well-drained soil.

    #10 Coral Bells

    Coral bells are breathtaking plants that offer a lot of colors to a container garden. These plants will tolerate partial shade as well as full sun, but only in the cooler climates. It is a plant that also prefers light soil that is well-drained; it does not do well in dense soils. It can be seen growing in zones four through 11.

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