10 Beautiful Flowers To Help Your Garden Be Healthy And Pest-Free

10 Beautiful Flowers To Help Your Garden Be Healthy And Pest-Free

Owning a large garden but it only has green color of vegetables and tall tree, it is so boring. Lucky for you, there are many flowers to make your garden into energetic hues with beautiful blooms and alluring aromas. Best of all, they are great companion plants that can deter pests and attract beneficial insects such as pollinators who help make sure our crops grow healthy. And all of them are collected here for you, they are eye-catching blooms, which are guaranteed to be the envy of your neighbors. Let’s spend your time and check 10 Beautiful Flowers To Help Your Garden Be Healthy And Pest-Free today.
10 Beautiful Flowers To Help Your Garden Be Healthy And Pest-Free
They are not only beautiful but also easy to grow with minimal care. You just give them rich soil, well-drained, the light of the sun, they promise to give you the stunning flowers. What’s better than seeing colorful and fragrant flowers garden right in your living space? if you love these lovely flowers, just give them a small space in your garden, they will brighten up all your world with the beauty of nature.

#1 Nasturtium

Source: Mpseeds

Nasturtium has vibrant edible flowers and gives off a strong odor which helps repel pest insects. Nasturtium plants grow in rich, black soil and help retain water for taller vegetables like tomatoes and also add nutrients when they die back after providing shade.

#2 Sunflowers

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Growing Sunflowers can attract beneficial pollinators. Also, The flowers can provide great coverage with their beautiful petals and provide shade for nearby plants during hot summer days.

#3 German Chamomile

Source: Thespruce

German Chamomile attracts beneficial insects and pollinators while also improving drainage. Also, it’s been known to hold water well in dry weather because of its deep roots that can help pull nutrients from the soil so your plants have what they need! You can plant it a border or allow it to grow between rows will make this herb more effective at drawing beneficial insects and pollinators near.

#4 Comfrey

Source: Plantlexicon

Comfrey is a plant that can be used as both ornamental and medicinal. It also is a great plant for adding nutrients to your garden by using its leaves in order make an organic fertilizer liquid with which you can fertilize other areas of the garden.

#5 Lavender

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lavender can attract beneficial pollinators including honey bees or bumblebees that move from one blossom to another. The flowers are perfect for pollinating, and their pleasant scent will keep them coming back again soon.

#6 Calendula

Source: Thespruce

Calendula can repel aphids or whiteflies and attract pollinators, which are essential for seed production and quality fruit and vegetables in your home.

#7 Cosmos

Source: Gardengatemagazine

Cosmos is a beautiful cutting flower that also helps attract pollinators. These flowers also repel insects such as aphids from attacking other plants in their area and helping keep things pest-free.

#8 Marigolds

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Marigolds can repel many types of insects from tomato plants such as carrot flies. They offer better moth protection and also make your home smell nice when burned at night.

#9 Lupins

Source: Stihl

Lupins are a great flower to plant next to your vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and greens because they help fix nitrogen. They are companions for heavy-feeding plants such as sweetcorn with high requirements of these crucial nutrients.

#10 Borage

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Borage can add color, flavor and even help with pollination to your garden. It attracts bees and other beneficial pollinators. Also, this flower can trap aphids while also making delicious fruit that birds love.