10 Beautiful Star-Shaped Flowers

by Marry Dell

    You are looking for plants that can add beauty and charm to your garden, but there are many options and you haven’t known what plants will suit your favorite and your garden space. Don’t despair, star-shaped flowers will beautiful additions to any flower garden. For the simple reason, they not only add to the enchantment of your garden in bloom but also always work well with other blooms, they will create an attractive flower bed that gets noticed immediately.

    In addition to producing colorful and beautiful flowers, they radiate delightfully fragrant. For example, Star Jasmine and Hyacinth Blue Stars are two well-known star-shaped flowers that give off the most fantastic perfume and look spectacular. It is great when enjoy the beauty of these flowers regularly, right? If you don’t have a garden, you also can see their beauty right in your home by growing them in pots and placing them anywhere you want such as on windowsill or patio areas. Let’s look at the top 13 star-shaped flowers for your garden, you are bound to find several that will fit your space.

    #1 Star Jasmine

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Star Jasmine often is grown for an arbor, pergola, trellis, or fence, or as a flowering ground cover. It brings small white star-shaped flowers with highly fragrant.

    #2 Pentas

    Source: Naturehills

    The flowers of Pentas bloom throughout summer and attracts pollinators to the garden. This plant grows as a perennial in warm, tropical areas and grows as an annual in cooler climates.

    #3 Impala Lily

    Source: Flickr

    Impala Lily can grow up to 6.5 feet and flowers throughout the year. This hardy plant produces large star-shaped flowers in various colors like pink, red, or white.

    #4 Dahlia

    Source: Istockphoto

    This Dahlia flower is a stunning plant that comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, including star-shaped varieties. The flower opens from late summer until fall.

    #5 Bellflower

    Source: Pinterest

    The Bellflower is a perennial plant and can be propagated by division or cuttings. It bears beautiful purple or blue flowers.

    #6 Hyacinth Blue Star

    Source: Longfield-gardens

    The plant can make beautiful cut flowers with beautiful fragrant blooms that appear in mid-spring.

    #7 Bromeliad

    Source: Happysprout

    This flower has stunning, long-lasting blooms. It is an easy-to-grow plant as long as getting indirect light. Its leaves need to be misted with water during hot summer days.

    #8 Hoya

    Source: Plantura.garden

    The Hoya flower is an evergreen perennial that offers star-shaped flowers in a small cluster. It is found mostly in white and pink colors.

    #9 Star Tulip

    Source: Pikist

    This tulip displays beautiful star-shaped flowers when spring comes. Grow it in early fall as it is the best time to plant this flower.

    #10 Starfish Plant

    Source: Worldofsucculents

    The Starfish Plant produces large star-shaped flowers that can be red or yellow. You can grow it easily in pots or in containers.

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