10 Best Indoor Plants To Combat Depression

10 Best Indoor Plants To Combat Depression

In modern life today, human is getting more and more pressure and stressful, it leads to mental health is one of the most pressing issues. Depression is one of them that has become a very important buzzword to encapsulate a whole range of experiences from feeling sad, lonely, lack of motivation, feelings of emptiness, emotional numbness, and others. So, how to for calming effects on that bad mood? Don’t worry, the answer will be in this post today. Go for indoor plants!
10 Best Indoor Plants To Combat Depression
We are so glad to share some of our favorite plants to add a splash of color and good cheer to your home as well as reduce depression. In addition to their benefit for health and decorate your house more beautiful, these indoor plants also are easy to make and take care of without requiring your effort. You can place them in cute pots and place them in anywhere your house such as tabletop, windowsill, desk…Whether you set them in, they will bring their beauty and benefit that you will be amazed!

#1 Peace Lily

Source: Michlers

Peace Lily is one of the best purifiers of air. It is a good purifier of benzene as well as ammonia so it offers a good night’s sleep.

#2 Red-edge Dracaena

Source: Thespruce

Red-edge Dracaena can purify the air, specifically helpful in promoting relaxation and alleviating stress

#3 Snake Plant

Source: Balconygardenweb

According to NASA research, the snake plant is a good absorber of toxins and pollution, so it boosts in the oxygen quality in the home which in turn could elevate mood.

#4 Chrysanthemum

Source: Hobbyplants

Chrysanthemum is known as a natural relaxant as it improves air quality and is also used for tea. Also, the plant has a wide range of healing properties specifically for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and a lot more

#5 Aloe vera

Source: Ikea

Aloe vera is not only known for its medicinal and skincare use but also as a detoxifier that can absorb stress and toxins when in a room.

#6 Jasmine

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Jasmine has a calming fragrance that can boost mood and calm emotions.

#7 Gerbera Daisy

Source: Wallacesgardencenter

Gerbera Daisy not only produces beautiful flowers that give relaxation but also as one of the best purifiers of air. It can relieve a space off of toxins and chemicals so it also helps in elevating mood.

#8 Boston Fern

Source: Desertcart

Boston Fern is an easy-to-grow houseplant and is known for being one of the best air purifiers. Place Boston fern in office desks or the particularly the bedroom can give peace of mind.

#9 Sago Palm

Source: Gardenbeast

Sago Palm is easy to care for and grow and is a good purifier of air, can reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and winter sadness.

#10 Lavender

Source: Gardenersworld

Lavender has long been extracted for tea and essential oils because of its calming and tranquilizing quality. It relieves anxiety, stress, restlessness and even helps in regulating breathing and heart rate.