10 Chemical-Free Weed Killers For Your Garden

Along with pests, weeds annoy both beginning and experienced gardeners. They directly affect the growth of vegetables, flowers and lawn. Weeds spreading all over the garden will compete for the nutrients in soil and sunlight that the plants need for their growth. As weeds take up the room of your plants, they make the garden less charming.

10 Chemical-Free Weed Killers For Your Garden

This post enables you to deal with this. It shares 10 chemical-free weed killers for your garden. They’re all non-toxic and friendly to the environment. As I prefer natural gardening methods, I just love these projects a lot. They are inexpensive but offer more than I think. You even get some for free. For instance, a mulch will help provide a barrier between the sun and the weeds that are trying to take over your garden. Just gather fall leaves in a pile and use them as mulch for your garden. Let’s check them out!

#1 Mulch

Mulch helps a lot with weeds-fighting. It provides a barrier between the sun and the weeds that are trying to take over your garden.  A layer of mulch of a 2-3 inch will deter unwanted weeds from taking root.

There is a small reminder for this weed killer. You should line your garden with a layer of newspapers to even further keep sunlight from reaching the weeds. Weeds need sunlight to grow.

#2 Straw

Another natural way to prevent weeds from taking root in your garden is to place a layer of straw. As straw keeps the wees away when it decomposes, it becomes a natural fertilizer for your plants.

When you lay down a straw, you should leave space around your plants so water can get to the roots of the plant.

#3 Vinegar

Vinegar can kill weeds in your yard and garden. This is an environmentally safe product that you can find at any store.  To make it a little bit more aggressive, you can combine vinegar with salt and dish soap.

Other plants that contact with vinegar will also die, so be consistent on where you are putting vinegar down.

#4 Boiling Water

Boiling water is one of the easiest yet most effective way to kill weeds. Pour boiling water directly on the weeds and watch them die before your eyes. Like vinegar, you make sure that you only apply it to the weeds.

#5 Cornmeal

Sprinkling cornmeal throughout your soil can prevent crabgrass and dandelions from taking root in your yard or garden. It’s friendly to the enviroment.

#6 Landscaping Fabric

A layer of landscaping fabric laid down in your garden will bring it many benefits. It will prevent future weeds from growing as well as kicking current weeds out.

#7 Baking Soda

Baking soda is another kitchen material you can use to kill weeds in your yard and garden. It doesn’t kill the existing grass around the garden, but when sprinkled into cracks with weed growth, it will solve your problem instantly. Don’t miss this non-toxic weed killer with your gardening!

#8 Clove Oil

Clove oil also help with weed-killing. Mixing clay oil and water in a spray bottle, and spray directly on unwanted plants. Easy, right? To kill the weeds using this method, you need to spray the seedlings before they grow into a big weed.

#9 Salt

Sprinkle salt directly on your weeds is a sure way to suffocate and kill these unwanted pests in your garden. As salt can kill any plant, you need to be consistent on where you are putting salt down.

To prevent salt from affecting other plants around the weed, mix water and salt together and spray directly on the weed.

#10 Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also a weed killer. Mix with water in a spray bottle, and spray it directly on unwanted plants in your garden.