10 Liquid Fertilizer Teas That You Can Make From Weeds and Plants

by Marry Dell

    Most gardeners tend to green life nowadays so they always find natural ways to care for their favorite plants and own their organic garden! And liquid fertilizer teas are one of the most natural solutions that we want to share in the post today. Here are 10 liquid fertilizer teas that you can make from weeds and plants. With these fertilizers, you can return nutrients to the soil as well as protect your garden without using chemical fertilizers. Check them out with us!
    10 Liquid Fertilizer Teas That You Can Make From Weeds and Plants
    They are vegetable scraps and weeds, these things are available in the kitchen or in the garden that you always have to clean out regularly. Instead of throwing them out or burn them, you can make use of them is as a liquid plant feed. You just chopped them, add your plant material to water, leave it to stew, then strain it, dilute it, and use it in your garden growing areas. They are easy to make and useful for gardeners, save them and try with us!

    #1 Vegetable Scraps Compost Tea

    Fruit and vegetable scraps and other organic waste can be composted in a number of ways. You can make a simple cold composting system, a hot composting system. Compost tea can also be used to soak charcoal to make a useful soil amender called biochar for your garden.

    #2 Green Tea ‘Tea’

    Green tea can be brewed not just to drink, but also to feed the plants you are growing. Green tea fertilizer can give a nitrogen boost to aid leafy growth. Note that this should not be added to plants too often, as it can raise the pH in the growing medium.

    #3 Comfrey Tea

    Comfrey liquid fertilizer is an excellent fertilizer for fruiting plants. Comfrey is a deep-rooted dynamic accumulator, and an incredibly useful plant to grow in your garden for a range of reasons. Comfrey fertilizer tea is rich in potassium, and other essential nutrients for plant growth.

    #4 Seaweed Tea

    Seaweed is not a plant that will grow in your garden. But if you live close to the sea, it could be a very useful resource. It is particularly rich in micro plant nutrients and trace minerals which can help foster successful plant growth.

    #5 Grass Clipping Tea

    If you are growing leafy plants or vegetables that need a nitrogen boost, a fertilizer tea made from grass clippings/ lawn mowings could be the perfect solution.

    #6 Nettle Tea

    Nettles can be added to water to make another liquid fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. However, it has other nutrients too, and is a relatively well-balanced fertilizer that can be used for many plants. Nettles cut in the spring have the highest nutrient content and are especially nitrogen-rich. So a tea made with young spring nettles is particularly good for boosting leafy growth.

    #7 Dandelion Tea

    Dandelions are a dynamic accumulator with deep taproots. Those taproots draw up nutrients from far below the soil surface. Dandelions are useful because they can make a liquid plant feed that is rich in potassium (great for fruiting plants in particular).

    #8 Yarrow Tea

    Yarrow concentrates phosphates, copper, sulfur, potassium, and other nutrients that plants require to grow and thrive. One way to return these nutrients to the system is to turn them into a liquid feed.

    #9 Borage Fertilizer Tea

    One other favorite plant for making liquid fertilizer tea is borage. Borage is a dynamic accumulator, which concentrates nitrogen, potassium, and other micro-nutrients. So it can also be beneficial when chopped and dropped. Or when its leaves are made into a liquid fertilizer.

    #10 General ‘Weed’ Tea

    A good multi-purpose fertilizer will have a good range of macro and micronutrients. So, you can choose several weeds such as comfrey, nettle, dandelion, yarrow, and borage to make fertilizer. It should be noted that dynamic accumulation and the later availability of nutrients in the soil after the plants, their nutrients are returned to it, are not fully understood.

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