10 Most Beautiful Flowers Around The World

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to natural beauty, we can’t help talking about flowers, they have an ethereal and fleeting beauty incomparable to anything else. And in the post today, we’ve rounded up the 10 Most Beautiful Flowers Around The World that you will fall in love with. So, if you are curious to know about and enjoy these rare flowers from all over the world, you are in the right place.
    10 Most Beautiful Flowers Around The World
    Bird of Paradise, Orchid, Dahlia, Tulip, and others… all of them will transform any courtyard into a vibrant colorful oasis. Some produce beautiful flowers to give the landscaping of your garden more beautiful, others also have spiritually symbolic in many countries around the world. Each has its own beauty and contains good significance. If you are interested, let’s check them out with us.

    #1 Bird of Paradise

    Source: Hgvt

    The flower is from South Africa, when fully bloomed, its flower looks exactly like the bird of paradise in flight, hence the name. The flower grows well both indoors and outdoors, it requires sunshine to bloom to the fullest.

    #2 Orchid

    Source: Countryliving

    There are a lot of orchid varieties that are found almost everywhere on earth. Each species has unique beauty with its unique statues and vibrant colors.

    #3 Dahlia

    Source: Bhg

    Dahlia is native to Mexico and is widely grown all around the world, there are approximately 42 different species of Dahlia flowers. The flowers bloom super symmetrical giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Its blooming time lasts midsummer and the first frost.

    #4 Tulip

    Source: Britannica

    Tulips are one of the most cultivated flowers with a range of more than 3000 varieties from 150 different species in the world. When spring comes, they display stunning cup-shaped flowers that come in all shades of colors.

    #5 Cherry Blossom

    Source: Shine

    Cherry Blossom bears the unique beauty that is beautifully displayed in the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Also, these beautiful flowers have a great significance in Japanese culture as these mark the beginning and the beauty of life.

    #6 Rose

    Source: Wagnersrosenursery

    Roses are one of the most beautiful blooms in the world not only by their beauty but are associated with love, purity, and affection. Besides, there are lots of varieties that emit an aromatic fragrance luring one and all. You can find roses in different shades of red, yellow, pink, white, and orange.

    #7 Bleeding Heart

    Source: Amazon

    The flowers of the Bleeding Heart attract the eyes with their beautiful heart shape. They are most commonly in the hues of pink and white and bloom throughout the entire spring season. This plant grows well in a moist and cool climate.

    #8 Gazania

    Source: Veseys

    Gazania is native to South Africa and its flowers open in vivid shades of orange, yellow, red, pink, and white. To grow this flower, give it sunshine, it will reward you with pretty bright flowers appearing in mid-summer and continuing through early fall.

    #9 Water Lily

    Source: Pondplants

    Water Lilies are the queen of all aquatic flowers with more than 70 different species in the world. The flowers come in different shades of white, pink, orange, purple, and blue colors. They bloom from spring to fall and each flower opens in the morning and closes in the evening.

    #10 Lotus

    Source: Wsj

    The beauty of the Lotus is also considered a sacred flower for Buddhists and symbolizes purity, harmony, divinity, and grace. The flowers have attractive, multi-layered petals and are mostly found in pink and white colors. The flower requires complete sunlight for its healthy growth.

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