10 Plants That Will Attract Birds In Your Garden

by Marry Dell

    Birds are one of the friendly and beneficial wild animals that are good for the garden. They can eat all harmful insects in your garden to help your plants grow well, you will a healthy garden without attacking pests as your desire. However, they can’t protect your garden year-round. Because when the weather turns chilly, some birds head south for the winter in search of warmer locales and more plentiful food. Others stick around, better equipped for finding food and shelter in the winter landscape.
    10 Plants That Will Attract Birds In Your Garden
    So, you should protect them because it means you are protecting your garden. But how to protect them? Have you had any ideas yet? If not yet, you should not miss the post today. That is plants! And here we’ve listed 10 plants that will attract birds in your garden. Apart from giving a rich source of food that birds can robin all winter long, they can also bring beautiful landscaping to your yard. Moreover, their appearance in your garden signs a close to natural life that everyone will fall in love with and feel life is more enjoyable.

    #1 Bayberry

    Bayberry bushes offer a heaping helping of hard, red berries that birds like swallows, warblers, and woodpeckers love eating.

    #2 Staghorn Sumac

    Staghorn sumac has the tree’s clusters of berries that provide plenty of valuable calories for birds, while in the summer its flowers attract a variety of beneficial insects.

    #3 Winterberry Holly

    Holly bushes are the ideal winter plant that pleases both people and birds, many of which find those berries irresistible.

    #4 Chokeberry

    Berries soften in the winter, making them more appealing to birds and other critters. Chokeberry is a choice food source for various overwintering birds, including crows, finches, and thrushes.

    #5 Coneflowers

    This plant’s pretty flowers attract bees all summer long. If you let the seed heads be, the feast can continue through fall as seed-loving birds like finches and chickadees fly by for a bite.

    #6 Penstemon

    The dried seed on the head is a great food when birds visit your garden. Penstemon, at the height of summer, its blooms are filled with delicious nectar that attracts hummingbirds; when cooler weather descends, its seed pots become the main draw. It is also deer and rabbit resistant.

    #7 Crab Apple

    Crab apple is a reliable source of food for creatures trying to ride out the winter. Mockingbirds and waxwings, for example, feast on the fruit all season long. Even after its leaves have fallen, the tree retains its juicy, seed-filled fruits, which are also safe for human consumption.

    #8 Zinnia

    The dried seed heads will provide sustenance for hungry birds like sparrows and finches.

    #9 American Beautyberry

    This pretty berry-dotted bush is a crucial food source for a variety of North American birds, including quails, robins, and brown thrashers. In addition to birds, the American beautyberry, also known as American mulberry, feeds small mammals like deer, gray foxes, and raccoons.

    #10 Virginia Creeper

    This vining plant, which is bright green in the summer, turns vibrant red when fall hits, attracting hungry berry-seeking creatures. Several bird species enjoy nibbling the vine’s blue-black berries, including warblers and woodpeckers, during the colder months of winter.

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