10 Popular Fruit Trees That Can Tolerate Drought

by Marry Dell

    Along with vegetables, fruit trees are one of the most rewarding plants to grow. For simple reason, they are not only beautiful but also give you delicious snacks. If you are wanting to grow fruit in your garden but are confused about which fruits to grow and where right? Browse some of the 10 Popular Fruit Trees That Can Tolerate Drought. Besides, we also share which fruits are easiest to grow and some of their basic growing conditions. So, keep reading to find some that suit your favorite and your garden condition.
    10 Popular Fruit Trees That Can Tolerate Drought
    Drought zones can be rough on many fruit trees and bushes, resulting in diminishing harvests from damage done over the hot summer days. Fortunately, many fruit trees aren’t limited to cooler climates alone and the list below has different options you can choose from, even if you live in a warm climate. They are tough, won’t mind the higher temperatures, and will give you a fresh harvest even in the hottest of months.

    #1 Fig

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Figs grow easily in gardens or containers, thanks to their large deep roots they can endure drought season in a short time. They prefer to grow in a spot where they can receive around 6-8 hours of direct sun every day.

    #2 Guava

    Source: Istockphoto

    In tropical regions, this tree bears fruits year-round at regular intervals. It doesn’t like cold and frost. Also, to help the plant grow well, give it soil rich in organic matter.

    #3 Mango

    Source: Ugaoo

    Mango will produce well if get enough full sun and avoid really wet and heavy soil. When the plant is young, it needs water regularly, established mango tree can withstand drought.

    #4 Asian Pears

    Source: Fast-growing-trees

    This fruit requires regular and deep watering during its establishing process. It can endure easily drought season, but for the best results, give it slightly moist soil.

    #5 Pomegranate

    Source: Gardenerspath

    Pomegranate grows well in the slightly acidic to neutral potting medium and getting in full sun to partial shade is ideal for its growth. If grown on the ground, it requires regular water when the plant is young. But, once the root of the tree has been established, it just needs water deeply once a week.

    #6 Dragon Fruit

    Source: Santhionlineplants

    Dragon Fruit is a cactus plant, so it needs well-draining soil with much sunlight for happy growth. You just give the plant when the top soil turns dry to touch. Also, give it sturdy support as it is a vining plant.

    #7 Oriental Persimmon

    Source: Plantmegreen

    Oriental Persimmon does well in neutral to slightly acidic soil and can tolerate short drought periods. However, for optimum growth, it needs water regularly.

    #8 Grapes

    Source: Homedepot

    Grapes require draining sandy or loamy soil and spots where it gets at least 6-8 hours of sun per day. This fruit need to be pruned crucial for maximum yield.

    #9 Prickly Pear Cactus

    Source: Istockphoto

    Prickly Pear Cactus thrive in mild climates and can endure wet and some cold climates. Grow the plant in sunny spots for fruiting and thriving.

    #10 Black Plum

    Source: Sattvamji

    The fruits of this tree have many medicinal benefits, especially for people who have diabetes, because they contain high nutrition. The plant can do well in any soil condition and need moderate shade to full sun.

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