10 Stunning Ideas For Backyard Fence

by Sasha Ridley

    The fence of the backyard is also a stunning feature of a house, aside from the border of the outside area. Backyard fence, garden, patio, and the painting of the house are what first impress any one passing by your house. I need to repair the fence for the backyard and have looked for a lot on the Internet. Some could be DIY projects as they are easy and affordable. Meanwhile, some require more effort and budget to finish. It depends on you.

    10 Stunning Ideas For Backyard Fence

    So, you’ve got what this post offers, right? It shares 10 stunning ideas for backyard fence. Even when you do not need to upgrade your backyard, these ideas still make sense. Looking something pretty is great right? It surely boosts up our mood. These ideas do not work with you now but may help in the future when you move to a new house. Who knows? Let’s check them out!

    #1 Classic Picket Fence

    The first in the collection comes to classic picket fence, a fresh, white fence with tons of flower beds. It’s affordable to most families.

    #2 Vertical Garden Wall

    This garden wall surely adds more appearance to your house. It’s a great way to get into the nature. Who can resist it?

    #3 Pergola Fence

    Trellis can also serve as fence for the backyard. If you live in the countryside or want to grow as many vegetables as possible, this fence is right up your street.

    #4 Composite Panel

    This backyard fence uses a mix of resin (or plastic ) and wood. A leafy, modern pattern makes your oasis more stylish. A modern house should try this.

    #5 Scalloped Top

    It’s a an average wood fence. It becomes prettier and more stylish if you’re handy with a jigsaw. If you live in the suburb, you should never miss this.

    #6 Horizontal Planks

    If you prefer simple, clean and modern fence for your backyard, this horizonal planks are right up your street. You can go as high as you want.

    #7 Prefab Panel

    This prefab panel looks clean and modern. To make it more impressive, you can hang some flower pots onto it.

    #8 Wire Over Wood

    A backyard fence of wire and wood is an easy yet effective way to prevent the dogs from coming in.

    #9 Spaced-Out Design

    This fence of spaced-out design features gaps in the two-sided fence that helps create a wall.

    #10 Gabion Wall

    This Gabion wall is a mix of cages and stones. The fence is easy to build and also affordable.

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