11 Beautiful Houseplants With Shaped-Tiger Pattern Leaves

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to plants, there is a lot of special types that are offered by nature unique shapes and foliage that can truly amaze you with their appearance. And, in this post today, we are so glad to share 11 Beautiful Houseplants With Shaped-Tiger Pattern Leaves for those who love collecting unique plants. These plants will make your home interesting all year round.
    11 Beautiful Houseplants With Shaped-Tiger Pattern Leaves
    Taking them a look, they are so interesting with a unique shape, right? Each has its own beauty and of course, you will have exciting experiences when growing them in your home. Like other houseplants, they also are easy to maintain too without requiring from the owners. Giving them a space in your home will bring the best beauty and help you connect nearly with nature more. Check them out with us.

    #1 Tiger Jade (Crassula picturata)

    Source: Etsy

    Tiger Jade (Crassula picturata) is a cute small succulent that produces small, shield-shaped grey-green leaves with contrasting dark blue-green spots and purple undersides that somewhat resemble the tiger patterns.

    #2 Tiger Stripe Mother of Thousands ( Kalanchoe daigremontiana ‘Tiger Stripe’)

    Source: Instagram

    The Tiger Stripe Mother of Thousands is a stunning plant that grows tiny plants from the edges of leaves that look exactly like adult plants but much small in shape. It has striking, tiger-like stripes on the leaves.

    #3 Tiger Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Tiger’)

    Source: Vintagegreen

    Tiger Fern looks great in a hanging basket. It puts out cascading fronds of yellow-green foliage.

    #4 Silver Vase Plant (Aechmea fasciata)

    Source: Jacksonblume

    Silver Vase Plant has leathery arched leaves that are patterned in silver and sea green streaks.

    #5 Tiger Shark Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Futura Robusta’)

    Source: Chooseyourplant

    Tiger Shark Snake Plant has silver-green leaves with a dark green strip that gives an illusion of a tiger skin-like pattern.

    #6 Silver Squill (Ledebouria socialis)

    Source: Plantcaretoday

    Silver Squill displays silver leaves variegated with green splotches. This plant does well in part-sun and shade.

    #7 Tiger Aloe (Gonialoe variegata)

    Source: Indoorplants

    Tiger Aloe features small sword-shaped fleshy foliage with beautiful white tiger-like stripes marked on green leaves.

    #8 Gingerland (Caladium ‘Gingerland’)

    Source: Blibli

    Gingerland has heart-shaped creamy-white leaves with green margins. The leaves are designed in pink or red splotches that somewhat resemble patterns of the tiger’s skin.

    #9 Tiger Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe humilis ‘Tiger’)

    Source: Worldofsucculents

    Tiger Kalanchoe produces egg-shaped pale green leaves that are marked in purple or maroon streaks like a tiger.

    #10 Tiger Cryptanthus (Cryptanthus ‘Tiger’)

    Source: Flickr

    Tiger Cryptanthus shows off wavy mid-green leaves with irregular white cross bands that look like a mix of zebra and tiger patterns.

    #11 Elephant Ear Tiger (Alocasia Zebrina ‘Tiger’)

    Source: Amazon

    Elephant Ear Tiger is also known as the zebra plant with a distinct tiger-patterned stem.

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