11 Easy to Grow Houseplants With Health Benefits

11 Easy to Grow Houseplants With Health Benefits

You are planning to grow some indoor plants to vary your life quality in the home but you don’t know what plants should you grow. Look no further because the list of the easy-to-grow plants with health benefits of 1millionideas today is for you. Even better, if you are a beginner, they are great natural gifts to accompany in your living space just with requiring minimal care.

11 Easy to Grow Houseplants With Health Benefits

Besides giving green space to any of the corners of the home, they are proven to bring a lot of health benefits such a releases oxygen at night, reduce headaches, make comfortable sleep, and others. Each has its own beauty and use, so you can grow some types for every place in your space. No matter where you put them, they promise to keep you amazed by both outer beauty and inner benefits. Keep reading to know more information and choose the plants that you love the most.

#1 Bromeliad Pineapple

Image Credits: Twitter

Although bromeliad pineapple has fruit, it is entirely ornamental so don’t eat it. It releases oxygen at night, so it makes a fantastic addition to a bedroom. It also releases an enzyme called Bromelain which can help reduce snoring.

#2 Venus Flytrap

Image Credits: Carnivorous Plants Hub

You hate insect, Venus Flytrap will help you by eating them the insect it has captured.

#3 Aloe Vera

Image Credits: Nurserylive

Aloe Vera has amazing health and well-being benefits. It can be found in healthy drinks, moisturizers, and more. The plant also decreases blood sugar levels and can even reduce your dental plaque due to its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities.

#4 Lavender

Image Credits: White Flower Farm

Lavender can aid with relaxation. They can also be used as a culinary herb, you can use them to make tea, or you can use lavender to make your own oils, soaps, and lotions.

#5 Snake Plant

Image Credits: Gardenbeast

Snake Plant can reduce headaches, itchy skin, sore eyes, rashes, and fatigue through poor air quality and other factors.

#6 Mimosa Plant

Image Credits: Gardenbeast

Mimosa Plant is a good option for your bathroom or kitchen window. It can get rid of parasites and help manage indigestion.

#7 Swiss Cheese Plant

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Swiss Cheese Plant can create a fresh environment. It reduces stress levels, boosting your mood, and creates a relaxing home environment.

#8 Semaphore Plant

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Semaphore Plant is responsive to light, heat, and sound. The leaves are ‘hinged,’ which allows the leaf to have a relatively broad range of movement.

#9 Alocasia Amazonica

Image Credits: Crocus

Alocasia Amazonica looks so striking, with two-tone leaves and piercing silver veins, it seems like from another planet. It can grow to be quite large too, making it a dramatic addition to your plant family.

#10 ZZ Plant

Image Credits: Fast Growing Trees

ZZ Plant is exceptional at purifying the air and remove toxins like Toluene and Xylene from the atmosphere. In addition, they are also known as the Fortune Tree in Feng Shui and are said to bring good luck and wealth to those that own one.

#11 Peruvian Apple Cactus

Image Credits: Pulpkaktus

Peruvian Apple Cactus can absorb electromagnetic radiation from the machines and gadgets around you.