11 Great Benefits Of English Ivy Plant

by Marry Dell

    English Ivy not only is one of the best indoor plants but also brings many benefits that are good for health, for the environment. That is the reason why in this post today, we’ve listed some interesting facts and amazing English Ivy benefits that will tempt you to grow this plant! Check them out with us.
    11 Great Benefits Of English Ivy Plant
    Giving them a look, there are a lot of different benefits when you grow them in the house, right? It is a great medicinal plant, helps in removing molds, humidifies indoor air, improves air quality, …So, if you are planning to grow some plants in your house, it is the top candidate. You can grow it indoors or garden that depends on your purpose. In addition, this plant is easy to grow, and take care of. With a range of good benefits why you don’t spend space in your home to grow it and then watch how useful it is. Grow one for your house right now!

    English ivy is applied to the skin to treat burns, infection, joint pain, swelling, and nerve pain. Consumption of its extract improves lung function and herbalists use to cure respiratory ailments like bronchitis and asthma.

    #2 Helps in Removing Molds

    English ivy can reduce particles of fecal matter and mold. These are the common green and black spots found in the damp corners and pipes in the basement of homes. It can be quite dangerous for people suffering from mold allergies.

    #3 Humidifies Indoor Air

    English Ivy has one of the highest transpiration rates, which immensely boosts the humidity levels of a small room. It also reduces carbon monoxide from the indoor air. So, you can grow an ivy plant in a hanging planter to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

    #4 A Low-Care Plant

    English ivy is not demanding in nature and can adapt to any soil type. It also withstands low light conditions very well and you can also trim it to the desired shape to fit wherever you want.

    #5 A late Season Source of Nectars for the Bees

    Come Autumn and the outdoor ivy plant will produce yellow flowers, rich in nectar. At the time when most of the other flowers don’t bloom, ivy comes as a source of food for bees and other beneficial insects.

    #6 Improves Air-Quality

    English ivy is one of the best air-purifying plants, which is proven in many studies. It is a great plant to improve respiratory health, especially for people who are suffering from allergies and asthma.

    #7 Nature’s Shelter

    As ivy grows dense, it offers a safe shelter to many birds and animal species, helping them to nest and hibernate.

    #8 It’s Safe for Your Other Plants and Trees

    English ivy can be invasive in its native environment but you can easily prevent this from happening by regular maintenance.

    #9 Keeps Your Home Cool in Summers and Warm in Winters

    If you live in a warm region, growing ivy will come a boon. Thanks to its dense coverage and rapid growth, it can cover walls in no time. In a test carried out by the Oxford University, it was found that ivy kept the homes 36% cooler in summers and 15% warmer in winters.

    #10 Helps in Maintaining Privacy

    As the plant is a vigorous grower and achieves a dense form in no time, it can be a great natural alternative to create privacy. Grow it near a spot you want to cover and soon you’ll have nature’s curtain guarding your privacy.

    #11 Hides Ugly Walls and Fences

    If your house has patches on your wall, you can simply grow English Ivy and its dense cluster of leaves will soon cover all the ugly walls and broken fence in no time.

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