11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves

by Marry Dell
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Houseplants are the prior choices for those who love bringing green space to the home. They are cheap and easy to grow in themselves. Whether you just have a little money, you also can transform your own four walls into an urban jungle. But instead of constantly spend your budget to buy new plants, there are some ways to have new plant babies such as stem cuttings, offsets, or root divisions to propagate. However, in the post today, we will share another unique way to help you have more plants.
11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves
And that is the growing method from leaves. Just using one single leaf, you also can create a new houseplant. Applying this method is less time-consuming as compared to growing plants from seeds. All you have to do is cut a healthy leaf from a plant and plant it in rich and moist soil, and some basic needs. If you are interested in this method, we’ve listed the 11 Houseplants That You Can Grow from Leaves easily. Explore them!

#1 Peperomia

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 73Source: Plantsam

Firstly, let’s take a healthy leaf from the base of the stem. Using use the whole leaf or cut it in two through the width is your option. Then, dip the edges in the rooting hormone, make a small hole in the growing medium, and insert leaf 0.3-0.7 inches (1-2 cm) deep in the potting mix. Water thoroughly and keep the upcoming plant in bright indirect light, your leaf will root in 3 to 5 weeks.

#2 Bunny Ear Cactus

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 75Source: Gardenmanage

To grow Bunny Ear Cactus from its leave, cut the pad or ear. Let it dry and heal for a few days, and wait for the callus to form. Plant the pad with the cut side facing down in a pot filled with cacti mix. Finally, keep your pots in a place where it gets bright but indirect light.

#3 African Violets

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 77Source: Blackgold

Growing African Violets from their leaves is so easy, you just take a fresh leaf from a healthy plant with a leaf petiole attached to it, and propagate in a light potting mix.

#4 ZZ Plant

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 79Source: Gardenmanage

ZZ Plant also can be propagated easily from leaves, but propagation will take more time. Simply, cutting a few plump and healthy leaves, and planting them from the cut section, 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep into a potting mix.

#5 Sweetheart Hoya

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 81Source: Thehouseplantguru

Sweetheart Hoya is harder to propagate rather than other houseplants, but you also maintain a single leaf in a pot.

#6 Snake Plant

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 83Source: Houseplantcentral

Snake Plant is an air-purifying plant houseplant that many people prefer to grow. If you want to have more in your home, you can easily propagate them from leaves in soil and water.

#7 Aloe

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 85Source: Epicgardening

Growing Aloe from leaves will take more time and successful rate less than growing from division or pups. To make, you cut a healthy leaf of 4-6 inches from an aloe plant and let it form a thin film in 1-2 weeks. Once done, let’s dip the end in a rooting hormone and plant it in a succulent mix. Keep soil moist by watering frequently but make sure well-drainage, and place it in a location that gets indirect bright light.

#8 Rex Begonia

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 87Source: Gardengatemagazine

In order to grown Rex Begonia from its leaves, you follow the steps below. Look for the most healthy leaf, cut the leaf along with the stem. Cut the veins from the middle of the leaves, these cuts are the places where the new plantlets will grow. Lay it flat on a pot having light soil mix and surely direct contact with the growing medium. Once done, provide good humidity and bright, indirect light. Your leave will root in 6-8 weeks ill grow 1-2 plants per cut.

#9 Jade Plant

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 89Source: Mrbrownthumb

Jade Plant is one of the easy plants to grow from leaves. Simply, snip away a few leaves and let them heal. Once slightly dry from the cut side, you can set them over any growing medium.

#10 Chinese Money Plant

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 91Source: Ohiotropics

Growing the Chinese Money Plant is a simple process. Take about 1 inch of the stem along with the leaves and then you can plant this in the soil. And, watch it grow!

#11 Flowering Kalanchoe

11 Houseplants That You Can Grow From Leaves - 93Source: Reddit

To grow Flowering Kalanchoe from its leaves, select a healthy leaf and snip it off with a wee bit of stem attached to it at the end. Let it callus, then lay it or plant it in a pot filled with a seed starting mix. Don’t forget to give it water and place it where the leaf gets bright but indirect light.

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