11 Indoor Moss Gardens To Decorate Your House

by Marry Dell

    Finding ways to bring nature at home, have you had any ideas? Don’t look anywhere, we will give you some great ideas that are inspired by moss. With these ideas, we believe that all your friends will fall in love with at first glance when visiting your house. Spending your time checking them out with us. Ready to go!
    11 Indoor Moss Gardens To Decorate Your House
    If you are living in an urban apartment and want to have your own miniature yard in your room, then these Indoor moss garden ideas here will help you to have the best one! Each has its own beauty that suitable for any space of your house. No matter where you place, they will offer the best of nature in the smallest possible space. So, save and make miniature gardens, terrariums, and centerpieces with these cool DIYs.

    #1 Bring Home a Miniature Forest

    Lush moss garden here is like miniature enchanted forests. Perfect to place on your tabletop.

    #2 Dish This

    This is an amazing moss dish garden that combined a lot of types of moss-like Campylopus introflexus, Dicranum scoparium’s, Bryandersonia illecebra. Other plants used are Asplenium platyneuron (a fern), and mosses–Hypnum and Ceratadon purpureus.

    #3 Mini Terrarium

    Growing moss inside a glass terrarium like this gives you an opportunity to be close to nature.

    #4 Vertical Garden with Moss Tiles

    Planting moss this way looks so cool, right? You can choose your own patterns to create your favorite design too.

    #5 A Moss Terrarium

    Using supplies like a jar, volcanic tuff, active carbon, peat, moss, and gravel, make yourself a stunning moss terrarium like this and place it on your desk.

    #6 Indoor Moss Garden

    Growing moss in a small plastic aquarium not only saves space but also looks beautiful! To help it thrive, let mist your moss garden regularly!

    #7 Tabletop Moss Garden

    Supplies like a ceramic dish, rocks, and moss are all you need to make this Tabletop Moss Garden, it is perfect to set anywhere in your house.

    #8 Living Herb Wreath

    A large moss wreath can also be paired with different plants of your choice in clay pots.

    #9 Miniature Golf Club

    If you love playing golf and its courts interest you, then this miniature golf course is something you must definitely try.

    #10 Sea Shore Moss Garden

    If you’re someone who loves beach life, this moss terrarium is for you. It showcases a brilliant view of the sea shore’s landscape!

    #11 Forest Terrarium

    This forest terrarium is a great handmade gift for your loved ones.

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