11 Plants That You Can Always Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

I love growing herbs and vegetables, both indoors and outdoors. For indoor ones, they’re a an inexpensive yet beautiful decoration for the room. For instance, a nice rosemary pot is great to place on working desk or near the window shutter. Some are started with seeds or seedlings while some are done with kitchen scraps, and herb trimmings. They bring me fresh vegetables and also make my house “greener”. Perfect, right?

11 Plants That You Can Always Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Today, I’m glad to share you guys 11 plants that you can always regrow from kitchen scraps. Beet, celery, lettuce, green onion, and some other are given here. They are all popular vegetables and herbs, so surely help with your cooking. If you are finding a meaning project that the whole family can join in, just give these a try. I’ve tried it with my kids and we get a lot of fun together.

#1 Regrow Garlic From Cloves

Choose the biggest cloves in the garlic bulb and grow it in a pot of soil. I’ve grown garlic for years. It can also repel mosquitoes and plants at rooms.

#2 Regrow Beets From Scraps

All you need to do is to cut the top off a beet, and place it in a shallow tray of water. You can also grow it in soil for a longer harvest.

#3 Sprout Celery in Water

Cut off the end of the celery that has a little bit of root, put it in a shallow bowl of water. Make sure that the water submerges the root. Replant in soil for a longer harvest.

#4 Regrow Scallion From Scraps

Scallions are one of the best plants to replant from scraps. They grow easily and are fast to harvest. Cut off the root of the scallion, leaving about 1″ to 2″ of stem, and place them in a jar water. You can also grow them in soil for a longer harvest.

#5 Regrow Carrots From Scraps

Cut off top of the carot and put it in the shallow bowl of water. Their top greens taste like parsley and has a lot of nutrition.

#6 Grow Basil Stems in Water

You will use fresh basil (from your garden or bought at stores), pick off most leaves, leaving a couple at the top of each stem, and place in a jar of water. It will grow fast. You can also replant it in soil for a longer harvest.

#7 Regrow Lettuce From Scraps

Trim off the head of romaine or butter lettuce, and place in the jar of water. Once it has root, you can also replant it in soil

#8 Regrow Onion Tops

Cut off top of onion bulbs, place them in a shallow tray of water or set them on top of moist soil. After few weeks, you can trim off spring onion for cooking.

#9 Grow Rosemary From Tips

Cut off tips from rosemary plants you bought at store, and place it in a glass of water, and place at a warm place. Once they start to grow roots, just replant them in soil.

#10 Grow Potatoes in Soil

Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to regrow. You can definitely use ones bough at stores or trimmings around the tiny sprouts growing from the eyes of potatoes.

#11 Grow Sweet Potatoes in Water

Sweet potatoes sprout in water easily. You can also replant them in soil for a longer crop.