11 Unique Heart-Shaped Leaf Houseplants To Bring Romantic Vibes To Your Home

by Marry Dell

    In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous, and plants that own hearted-shaped leaves are one of those great things. Heart-shaped foliage looks adorable and brings romantic vibes year-round. So, if you want to add something special to the home, the 11 Unique Heart-Shaped Leaf Houseplants are for you! Each has its own beauty and of course, you will have exciting experiences when growing them in the home.
    11 Unique Heart-Shaped Leaf Houseplants To Bring Romantic Vibes To Your Home
    Unlike a bouquet of flowers with just putting once time, your love in a more everlasting way with houseplants that have heart-shaped leaves as they keep on growing, just like your affection. Like other indoor plants, they also are easy to maintain too without requiring from the house owners. Giving them a space in your home will bring the best beauty and help you connect nearly with nature more. Are you ready to learn about them with us?

    #1 Anthurium

    Image Credits: Bunches

    Anthurium has bright-colored leaves that look like blossoms. Its leaves have red-looking waxy and heart-shaped in appearance. This plant grows well in dappled shade and loves bright indirect sunlight during the day.

    #2 Devil’s Ivy

    Image Credits: Patchplants

    Devil’s Ivy is a vine plant that grows well in low-maintenance conditions. This indoor plant has a beautiful heart-shaped leaf plant and can be grown easily in pots.

    #3 Cyclamen

    Image Credits: Michlers

    Cyclamen has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and attractive flowers.

    #4 Heartleaf Philodendron

    Image Credits: Peppyflora

    Heartleaf Philodendron is one of the easiest to grow and low-care indoor plants. It prefers growing in part shade or deep shade spots with some hours of indirect sunlight.

    #5 Heart Leaf Fern

    Image Credits: Logees

    You can grow this heart-shaped houseplant in a small container in a bright, shaded spot and keep the soil slightly moist.

    #6 Strings of Hearts

    Image Credits: Indoorplants24

    This plant is a semi-succulent vine, has heart-shaped leaves, and purple stems that create a perfect show while hanging down from the pot. It loves to be remained in warm and gets the bright shade.

    #7 Philodendron Gloriosum

    Image Credits: Plants

    Philodendron Gloriosum has large foliage heart-shaped leaves. You can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors in the part shade to full shade position.

    #8 Grazielae Philodendron

    Image Credits: Pinterest

    Grazielae Philodendron shows off glossy heart-shaped leaves in a dense form that gives it a very unique appearance. It grows best in bright and indirect light.

    #9 Sweetheart Hoya

    Image Credits: Kestrelshop

    Sweetheart Hoya has gorgeous heart-shaped leaves, it is a great gift for valentine or for your loved ones, or use it as a decorative piece on a particular day.

    #10 Betel Plant

    Image Credits: Rudraksha Ratna

    Betel Plant is a herb. It has heart-shaped leaves and can be eaten.

    #11 Arrowhead Plant

    Image Credits: Joyusgarden

    Arrowhead Plant has heart-shaped leaves. You can grow this plant indoors in hanging baskets and creative pots in a shaded place.

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