12 Best Beautiful Types of Ornamental Grass for Your Landscape

by Marry Dell

    Like flowers and many other decorative plants, ornamental grasses are used a lot in the garden landscape. If you are wondering what to choose for garden grass to decorate in the garden, let’s refer to a few of the most beautiful types in our list today. With the 12 best beautiful types of ornamental grass for your landscape that will add a visual charm. Each has its own beauty and you will have different interesting feelings about them. Keep reading to unlock their beauty.
    12 Best Beautiful Types of Ornamental Grass for Your Landscape
    Perhaps most of you don’t know that few plants compare to ornamental grasses for nearly nonstop performance, strength, and visual impact. Once you start landscaping with ornamental grasses you will be amazed by how many varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors are available. You can also use ornamental grass in a container garden, as part of the thriller, filler, spiller theory. It’s time to choose the best types for the landscaping of your garden!

    #1 Blue Fescue

    Blue fescue is not as low as closely sheared turf grass. Some fescues are grown as lawns, such as the clumping red fescue. Fescues are often used as edgings, borders, and ground covers. It loves the sun and grows well In Zone from 4 to 8. It needs dry to medium moisture, well-drained

    #2 Mexican Feather Grass

    Mexican feather grass is even grown on green roofs. The seeds are at the very tips of the featherlike “blades,” which wave in the gentlest of winds. Mexican feather grass also spreads.
    Mexican feather grass survives in dry conditions and thrives just fine after being cut back. USDA Growing Zones: 6 to 10. It loves full sun to part shade and needs well-drained, loamy, acid; tolerant of sand and clay.

    #3 Japanese Forest Grass

    This deciduous grass can be identified by its slender stems, which look like tiny bamboo stalks. It is striking in containers or as a color accent in borders, especially with darker green plants or those with purple flowers. It requires regular watering, weekly, or more often during hotter temperatures.

    #4 Zebra Grass

    This green and pale yellow upright beauty die back in winter, then comes back strong in the spring, whether or not it has been trimmed. It can grow 5 feet tall or taller and about 5 feet wide.

    #5 Bamboo

    Bamboo is actually a member of the grass family. Bamboo grows upright and spreads quickly (sometimes too much), and it requires a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system.

    #6 Purple Fountain Grass

    Purple fountain grass has a striking, fountain-like form, reddish-purple color, and feather-like flowers that make it appealing from a distance and for up-close viewing.

    #7 New Zealand Flax

    Like fountain grass, New Zealand flax possesses a similar deep-red, purplish- bronze color, New Zealand flax’s leaves are broader or strap-like than the finer fountain grass.

    #8 Japanese Blood Grass

    Japanese blood grass is a colorful red, yellow, and green grass. It grows best in damp, rich soil and likes moisture during the hottest months.

    #9 Blue Oat Grass

    Blue oat grass grows to about 3 to 6 feet in height and 1 to 3 feet in width. It can be identified by its fountainlike silver-blue blades with a light beige dome that appears in the summer. Blue oat grass likes full sun and weekly water. It can be drought-tolerant after it is established. The grass is great for rock gardens with succulents, native landscaping, borders, and mass plantings.

    #10 Pink Muhly Grass

    Pink muhly grass is also known as sweetgrass, gulf muhly grass, mist grass, hairawn muhly. This ornamental grass is admired for its fall- and winter-blooming pink flowers or featherlike plumes. In landscape design, muhly grass looks best in large or mass clumps in perennial borders or native gardens, where its wispy pink blooms offer a lot of visual impacts.

    #11 Egyptian Papyrus

    Cyperus papyrus is a grass-like plant. Egyptian Papyrus fits nicely into the ornamental grass category. These exotic beauties can grow up to 72 inches or more, they like moist soil, and they can thrive in a water garden.

    #12 Black Mondo Grass

    Black mondo grass grows to only about 8 inches high but is a spreader, making it an ideal ground cover. Not actually black, it is more of a dark greenish-purple; it looks striking when paired with light lavender, chartreuse, or lime-colored plants. It likes partial to full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

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