12 Best Plants According to Your Zodiac Sign

by Marry Dell

    Plants and flowers are an amazing way to add color and life to your home, but they come in countless varieties and have different needs, so how do you decide the one you’re best suited to care for? We’re helping you find the perfect flora for your home by breaking down the best plants and flowers for each zodiac sign.

    If you want your life, work with positive energy, happiness, and prosperity, let’s grow a plant according to your zodiac sign. The zodiac Feng Shui plants can eliminate the obstacles in your life, bring happiness and good luck to you. You can set them at any place where you want such as your house, office or desk, even use them as gifts to give special someone like partners or friends.

    #1 Aries: Barrel Cactus

    These prickly, sun-loving plants are a perfect match for fiery Aries. The barrel cactus is easy to care for, typically only requiring watering every 1-3 months so independent Aries don’t need to worry about forgetting watering day.

    #2 Leo: Monstera Plant

    Monstera plants are relatively adaptable, but they do well with a bit of extra attention and their leaves become more pronounced when bathed in sunlight.

    #3 Cancer: Spider Plant

    Spider plants are as easy as can be to care for. They also propagate easily which makes them well suited for supportive and domestic Cancers. With some nurturing care, Cancer households will soon be filled with adorable spider plant pups.

    #4 Pisces: Aloe Vera

    The aloe vera plant does well in sunny environments.

    #5 Scorpio: Snake Plant

    Snake plant known as mother-in-law’s tongue is the perfect match for adventurous and quick-tempered Scorpios. The snake plant doesn’t need much attention at all, only needing to be watered every 2-6 weeks, making it a suitable choice for travel-loving Scorpios.

    #6 Taurus: Bromeliad

    Taurus is drawn to the physical beauty of all kinds and their reliable tendencies are well suited for caring for temperamental.

    #7 Sagittarius: Air Plants

    Sagittarius tends to be highly adaptable travelers. Dare to dream, imaginative Sagittarius, as these plants will look great in terrariums, suspended in water, or living on rocks.

    #8 Gemini: Living Stone

    Elusive and high-tempo Gemini is best suited for this sturdy and easy to care for succulent. Gemini is also known for its great sense of humor, making this quirky, bulbous

    #9 Virgo: Moth Orchid

    Finicky orchids require careful attention that trustworthy Virgo are ready to give. The moth is one of the easier breeds of orchids, but they still require an observant eye as they require weekly watering and fertilizing, and regular re-potting.

    #10 Libra: Peace Lily

    There’s no better plant for a rational and balanced Libra than the peace lily. Just as Libras are able to deal with the complex nature of human relationships, the peace lily is known as one of the best plants for air quality, removing toxins, and reducing allergens.

    #11 Capricorn: Lucky Bamboo

    As the most serious and ambitious sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are best suited to keep lucky bamboo plants in their home. The number of stalks determines the kind of lucky energy they will draw into your home. Driven and disciplined Capricorns will enjoy plants with three stalks (happiness, long life, and wealth), six stalks (prosperity), or eight stalks (growth).

    #12 Aquarius: Majesty Palm

    This large, regal plant will be right at home with an Aquarius. Majesty palms need more attentive care to thrive indoors, but an observant Aquarius likely won’t mind the rather particular care needed.

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