12 Common Herbs And Flowers That Can Repel Mosquito From Your Home and Garden

by Marry Dell

    You want to enjoy open space but mosquitoes are trouble makers. Don’t worry, this post today will give you some natural ways. Go for herbs and flowers! And here are the 12 Common Herbs And Flowers That Can Repel Mosquito From Your Home and Garden. With these plants, you can grow in your yard, in your garden, around your deck, and or anywhere that your family spends lots of time outdoors.
    12 Common Herbs And Flowers That Can Repel Mosquito From Your Home and Garden
    Growing them around your home, whether indoors or outdoors, will bring a lot of benefits. In addition to keeping you, your family, and your pets away from the mosquitoes thanks to their special scent, they also make a great look to your landscaping. Most insect-repelling plants do so with their natural fragrances, which keep annoying mosquitoes away and introduce wonderful scents throughout your garden. So, instead of using chemical bug sprays, you can grow some of these plants to help keep mosquitoes away naturally, safely, and inexpensively.

    #1 Pot Marigold

    Source: Thespruce

    Pot Marigold emits a musky scent, which makes mosquitoes stay away from the surroundings. Also, it contains a pyrethrum compound, which is used as an anti-mosquito repellent.

    #2 Lantana

    Source: Thespruce

    The flowers of Lantana emit a pungent smell that mosquitoes hate. Growing it in homes not only eliminates the mosquitoes from the surroundings but also attracts butterflies to visit your garden. In addition, burning the leaves of Lantana Camara make its smoke helps in deterring female Anopheles mosquitoes which causes malaria.

    #3 Lavender

    Source: Graciejaynes

    Lavender emits a slight fragrance that makes humans feel comfortable but mosquitoes don’t like hence helpful in warding them off.

    #4 Horsemint

    Source: Plantscesncsuedu

    Horsemint has properties similar to the repellent citronella. Also, it has an intense smell that confuses mosquitoes. Simply crushing residue of its leaves on your skin to keep the mosquitoes away.

    #5 Floss Flower

    Source: Dearplants

    Floss Flower deter mosquitoes effectively thanks to mosquito repellent compounds in its flower. Growing the flower in hedges or containers on your balcony or patio will keep the mosquitoes away.

    #6 Citronella Geraniums

    Source: Hgvt

    The foliage of Citronella Geraniums emits a pleasing aroma that repels flies and mosquitoes. Simply crumpling its leaves and applying its paste or oil on the body parts.

    #7 Catnip

    Source: Farmersalmanac

    Catnip is one of the best mosquito repellents. You can use it by filling a jar with olive oil and chopped catnip leaves and shaking well. Keep it in the dark and cool place for around 6-weeks and then apply it as a mosquito repellant spray.

    #8 Garlic

    Source: Apartmenttherapy

    Garlic has a strong pungent and spicy scent so it works as a natural mosquitoes repellent. You can use it by putting a few crumbled garlic cloves into a carrier oil, and letting them there for one day. Then, remove them and mix a cup of water and a few drops of lemon in it. Use it as a mosquito-repelling spray.

    #9 Lemon Verbena

    Source: Molbaks

    Lemon Verbena has Pointed leaves that release a lemony scent when crushed which mosquitoes and bugs hate. Simply crush and rub the leaves of lemon verbena on your hands and neck and other exposed areas to get protection from the attack of mosquitoes.

    #10 Lime Basil

    Source: Marysheirloomseeds

    Lime Basil deter mosquitoes effectively thanks to its pungent and citrus fragrance. You can burn some sprigs of lime basil to keep mosquitoes away from your space.

    #11 Rosemary

    Source: Ugaoo

    The leaves and flowers of rosemary emit an intense scent that repels mosquitoes effectively. You just burn dried rosemary in your yard, and the smoke will make your home free from mosquitoes.

    #12 Lemongrass

    Source: Growjoy

    Lemongrass compounds present in them like geraniol and citronellol that repel the mosquitoes. Simply squeeze the oil by crushing the leaves and applying it to your skin to repel the mosquitoes.

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