12 Easy Perennial Plants To Grow In Your Garden

by Sasha Ridley

    I love perennial plants, especially herbs and flowering plants. Here is the reason. We just need to grow them once but can harvest for years. They will back to our garden year after year. So good, right? It saves you a lot of time for growing new plants. I’ve planted some mint plants in my garden for several years. I trim off their toppings quite often to give room for new plants to sprout. They still produce well till these days, and I almost do not need to buy mint at stores.

    12 Easy Perennial Plants To Grow In Your Garden

    Here are 12 easy perennial plants that you should grow in your garden. They will work well with lazy and beginning gardeners as they require low maintenance. The point here is you still have a beautiful garden. Their types vary, then add a lot of beauty to your garden space. Who can resist this? Let’s check them out!

    #1 Bleeding Hearts

    Come in pink, red, and white varieties in the shape of a heart, bleeding hearts would be striking in your garden. They often bloom in early spring, putting on a colorful, graceful show.  Some do bloom in summer and fall as long as the temperatures aren’t too high. You can start them with seeds but it’s best to divide the clumps after a few years.

    #2 Mint

    Mint is an easy-growing herb that you can harvest for years. As their type varies, make sure that you choose ones that are appealing for your garden and your taste buds.

    #3 Hostas

    Hostas are worth definitely introducing here. These perennial plants don’t require pruning, weeds don’t bother them, and a few inches of water a week will do the trick. They come in many sizes and shades of green, and can fill in a space nicely. You can even divide them up every few years.

    #4 Daylilies

    Daylilies seem to grow well everywhere! They do well in various sun and shade situations. You can grow them from starts or bulbs. They aren’t bothered by weeds and pests. A hardy and fuss free plant!

    #5 Iris

    Iris blooms in a variety of colors and returns in full force year after year. That’s why these flowers are perfect for any garden.  You can plant them from bulbs or starts. Weeds don’t bother them and pests seem to leave them alone. They look great in borders, and will multiply over time, giving you more flowers for free!

    #6 Rosemary

    Plant rosemary in well-drained, sandy soil in full sun places for better growth. As rosemary plants need a lot of room ro spread their root, make sure that you give them enough. Prune regularly and water deeply but don’t keep the soil too wet.

    #7 Hydrangeas

    Hydrangeas are sun-loving plants. They just need sun to thrive. They come in all sorts of colors, bloom all season, and will come back to your garden year after year. A little light pruning will do the trick, and all you will have left to do is stand back and enjoy the show!

    #8 Lavender

    Lavender plants love full sun and well-draining soil to best grow. To harvest lavender, you should harvest it once buds have formed but before the flowers are fully open. This enables you to reap optimal color and fragrance from your plants.

    #9 Salvia

    Salvia attracts bumble bees and butterflies. Just imagine how beautiful it would be with salvia borders and garden beds? Grow it once and it will return to your garden in an bigger form year after year!

    #10 Sage

    It’s quite hard to start planting sage with seeds. Instead, you can use young plants and grow them in full sun with well-draining soil. Keep the soil moist but don’t allow water to sit.

    #11 Cilantro

    Like lavender, cilantro is also a full sun-loving plant. It prefers well-drained, moist soil to grow.  Here is the best tip to enjoy it: snip the new growth from the top of the plant and use right away throughout the growing season.

    #12 Thyme

    Thyme does not require much care. It thrives in hot conditions with full sun and all it needs is thorough watering when the soil is dry to flourish. It best grows when sawn from a small thyme plant.

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