12 Easy-To-Care Indoor Hanging Plants For Beginners

by Sasha Ridley

    How do indoor plants work with your home? They are charming green additions to your home, help purify the air around you as they remove many air pollutants, repel mosquitoes and flies, and even bring luck and fortune to your home. Then, there is no excuse for not growing any houseplant. They can satisfy at least one above purposes. As I love growing plants both indoors and out, I always grow some plants inside my house. I crave the way they create the harmony for the space, becoming a part of it.


    Your houseplants look prettier and more stylish on hanging pots and baskets. This’s also what this article offers. It shares 12 easy-to-care indoor hanging plants for beginners. If you are finding something to liven up your living room, just give these a try. Some of them require low-maintenance while some need a little more effort and budget. Be sure that you choose the right type. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Devil’s Ivy

    Devil’s Ivy has heart-shaped leaves that are similar to Heartleaf Philodendrons. This houseplant can stay green even when kept in the dark. A little care will do the trick.

    #2 Boston Fern

    Boston Fern appreciates moist soil but is also tolerant of drought. The fronds are bushy and slightly serrated and are a vibrant bright green. Here are common varieties that you can grow: Sword Fern, Boston Sword Fern, Wild Boston Fern, Boston Fern, Boston Blue Bell Fern, Tuber Ladder Fern, or Fishbone Fern.

    #3 Philodendron

    Philodendron is a beautiful evergreen climber that is extremely hardy and tolerate of drought. These indoor plants produce heart-shaped leaves and they are a deep glossy green. Mature plants will sometimes even produce white flowers but mine never have.

    #4 Spider Plant

    Spider plant should not be ignored here. It’s one of the easiest plants to care for and is quite impressive visually once it grows. This houseplant producse babies, or “plantlets” which are offshoots that grow from the main plant. Its beautiful thin and gently curved leaves also make it an ideal plant for indoors.

    #5 English Ivy

    This easy indoor hanging plant is a woody perennial climber. It’s actually considered an invasive species in some countries. Other common names include European Ivy or just Ivy.

    #6 Mistletoe Cactus

    Mistletoe Cactus is also an easy-to-care indoor plant. It has flowers and even small edible berries that taste a lot like grapes. It’s perfect for hanging basket, right?

    #7 String of Pearls

    String of pearls is a beautiful succulent, creeping vine. It produces leaves that look just like peas. It requires low maintenance and very little watering.

    #8 String of Hearts

    Another easy evergreen trailing succulent recommended here is the String of Hearts. It looks pretty on hanging baskets and planters and has vines adorned by attractive heart-shaped leaves. These leaves are generally dark green but can lighten to a paler color if the plant doesn’t get enough sun.

    #9 Morning Glory

    Morning glory is actually not a standard suggestion for an indoor hanging plant, but it’s super easy to grow. So, I add it to this collection. It is a climbing plant, but can be also grown and displayed indoors in hanging baskets as well.

    #10 Marble Pothos

    Marble pothos do well in low-medium light, watered weekly. They can tolerate lower light levels than most common houseplants.

    #11 Jade Plant

    Jade plant is an exceptionally robust hanging basket plant. It’s easy to grow and maintain. It’s  also said to bring good luck to your home, making them a great addition to your home office.

    #12 Orchid

    Place orchid hanging basket in a window that gets blasted with light, it will grow well.

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