12 Easy-to-grow Office Plants

by Marry Dell
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If you are finding something to decorate for your office, the 12 Easy-to-grow Office Plants is an easy way to liven up your work environment. Although these plants can’t bloom flowers, they still have their own beauty that everyone will have to be attracted to by their natural beauty. They own stunning leaves and different shapes, and they always know ways to brighten any space.
12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants
You don’t have lucky enough to have a sunny office or you’re stuck in a dark corner cubicle, don’t despair as these great plants will thrive while you work. From lovely succulents to the elegant flowering peace lily, these are the best plants for sprucing up your workspace. And the best part? Some are among the best natural ways to purify the air and cleanse the energy in the room and in the environment.

#1 Snake Plants

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 79Source: Swansonsnursery

Snake Plants are beautiful plants and can survive low light levels and drought. It just needs to be watered when the surface of the soil appears dry.

#2 Rex Begonia

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 81Source: Thespruce

Rex Begonia requires brighter light for its bolder color but should be kept out of direct sunlight. You just need to water the plant when the soil feels dry. Plus, it favors higher humidity, so misting for its happy growth.

#3 Spider Plants

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 83Source: Rhsplants

Spider Plants prefer to dry out between watering and indirect light. They thrive even if you have a dark, windowless office.

#4 Succulents

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 85Source: Notjustflowerscastro

Succulents store water in their thick leaves so they typically only require weekly watering. They prefer to grow in sunlight and dry air.

#5 ZZ Plant

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 87Source: Coolgreenandshady

ZZ Plant is a hardy plant that flourishes in moderate to brighter light environments, it also can tolerate low light. Plus, like succulents, it also requires little water.

#6 English Ivy

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 89Source: Urbansproutsstore

English Ivy needs to be watered frequently when starts growing. And then, once it is established, it can tolerate dry conditions.

#7 Red Aglaonema

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 91Source: Rollingnature

Red Aglaonema is a colorful stunner with pink stems and reddish-pink leaf tips. The plant is easy to care for and favors growing in brighter light, but it will thrive in low light.

#8 Pothos

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 93Source: Bobvila

Pothos is a sprawling plant and is incredibly easy to take care of. It grows well both in the darkest cubicles and the brightest. It just needs to water every once in a while.

#9 Peace Lily

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 95Source: Plants

The elegant flowering plant is surprisingly easy to grow. Give it moist soil, mist its leaves regularly, and some light. But, make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight.

#10 Cacti

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 97Source: Maxpixel

Cacti flourishes in natural light and just need to be watered once a week during the spring and summer, and every three weeks during the fall and winter.

#11 Bamboo

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 99Source: Nurserylive

Bamboo is a lucky plant according to Feng Shui. Placing it in your office will bring good things to your work and career.

#12 Air Plants

12 Easy-To-Grow Office Plants - 101Source: Newsweek

Air Plants grow well even don’t need soil. You only give water them by dunking them in water for two or three hours every 10 days.

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