12 Fabulous Ideas For Patio Cover And Shade Structures

by Sasha Ridley

    It’s always great when your home has a beautiful patio. It’s a perfect place to hanging out with your family or some of your friends at weekend. If you love enjoying the peace and privacy here, sit down and sip a glass of good drink. In weekend morning, you can stay here to get early sunlight or finish remaining work. How does the work with your kids? They can play with their friends or take a nap in here.


    In this post, we’re glad to share 12 fabulous ideas for patio cover and shade structures. If you are seeking something to make your patio more comfortable and eye-catching, these are the way to go. Some of them are easy and quick to finish while some require more time and budget. For instance, a patio with natural vine tree cover will take a long time to proceed. But’s definitely worth. Your patio would be an ideal place for family gathering or guests greeting. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Shade Sails Patio Cover Ideas

    Shade sails are easy and versatile patio and backyard shade structures. There are many shade sail colors to choose from. It really depends.

    #2 Grow a Living Shade Canopy

    To create a beautiful shade canopy, you can grow vines such as grape and climbing roses. Your patio is then a romantic place of the house!

    #3 Easy Diy Fabric Patio Shade Canopy

    This is one of the fastest and most affordable way to create a nice shade for your patio and backyard. Just choose the fabric color and material that fit your space!

    #4 Shade Structures With Natural And Free Materials

    It’s a traditional way to create shade for your patio and backyard. If you prefer rustic style, these are right up your street!

    #5 Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy On Cables

    Another fantastic idea to create similar retractable canopy fabric patio shade structures! If you don’t have a pergola, you can use cables attached to a wall. It still works well.

    #6 Outdoor Fabric Curtain Shade Ideas

    If you prefer something romantic and elegant, just give curtain shade a try. The curtains come in a variety of colors, so feel free to pick out one that you love.

    #7 Add Lights To Shade Structure

    Your patio or backyard will be twinkling at night time. You can host family gathering or dinner here. A good place surely makes the meal more complete.

    #8 Decorative Metal Shade Structures

    These metal panels with decorative cutout patterns also create beautiful shadows on walls and floors.

    #9 Classic Wood Pergola Shade Structures

    Pergolas are a classic to create shade for your garden structure. As this requires more skills, you should hire professional contractors to proceed. If you want to DIY, be sure to follow local building codes and safety practices.

    #10 Pergolas With Fabric Shade Canopy

    There are many attractive ideas and styles for pergola fabric shade for you to choose. Just get the one that fits your sense of beauty and budget (if it’s your concern).

    #11 Shade Cloth Over Wood Pergolas

    Here is how to create this patio cover: Stretch sections of fabric or shade cloth like mini shade sails over a wood pergola. Easy, right?

    #12 Corrugate Metal Aluminum Patio Cover Shade Ideas

    Corrugated galvanized metal is a popular and low cost roofing material. You can create shade for your garden structure from it.

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