12 Flowering Trees That Grow In Hot Climates

12 Flowering Trees That Grow In Hot Climates

Most of you will think that hot weather is not a good condition for the growth of plants! However, there are a lot of species that still grow well at high temperatures, even they have to get enough full of the sun so that thriving and showing off their beauty. So, when summer comes, you don’t have to worry about your plants if you grow plants below. Here are the 12 Flowering Trees That Grow in Hot Climates. Check them out!
12 Flowering Trees That Grow In Hot Climates
In addition to growing well in dry and hot weather, they also don’t need to require a lot of effort from gardeners such as water, and fertilize, repel pests. Growing them in your garden will bring benefits that are good for you such as regulate the air, reduce the temperature, bring psychological comfort, and human health. And if you want to bring the breath of brilliant summer into your garden design, you can plant some following flowering trees below.

#1 Redbud

Source: Thespruce

Redbud can grow to be approximately 30 feet and does well in partial to full sun in planting zones 4 through 9.

#2 American Holly

Source: Caseytrees

American Holly grows to be almost 50 feet tall in planting zones 5 through 9. It puts out white blooms it forms which eventually turn into bright red berries.

#3 Flowering Dogwood

Source: Enewscourier

Flowering Dogwood comes in many colors depending on the type, white or pink are common. It does well in planting zones 3 through 8.

#4 Southern Magnolia

Source: Gardenia

Southern Magnolia grows in zones from 6 to 10 and grows up to 60 to 80 feet tall. It also does well in sandy soil and mild flooding. It prefers southern climates and begins to produce large magnolia flowers in spring and summer.

#5 Horse Chestnut

Source: Gardeningkowhow

Horse Chestnut displays spikes of colorful blooms which protrude from the tree during the middle of spring. The plant grows in full sun but can thrive in planting zones 3 through 8.

#6 Sourwood

Source: Identifythatplant

Sourwood can grow up to 30 feet and put out bell-shaped blooms which hang down from the foliage. It does well in planting zones 5 through 9. It flowers attract bee to your garden and the leaves are used for making tea as well.

#7 Crape Myrtle

Source: Gardeningkowhow

Crape Myrtle is also great for withstanding hot temperatures while still producing gorgeous colors. The plant prefers humidity and can even tolerate drought. Planted in zones 6 to 10 is an ideal condition for its growth.

#8 Chitalpa

Source: Inlandvalleygardenplanner

Chitalpa has dark green foliage to stand out in your yard. It puts out flowers that look similar to a hibiscus bloom. Growing it in zones 6 through 9 for the best growth.

#9 Prairifire Flowering Crabapple

Source: Bhg

Prairifire Flowering Crabapple begins producing pink or red blooms in the spring. In summer, the foliage becomes a rich green color with accents. And when fall arrives, it finishes the year up with a golden color. Zones 3 through 8 are ideal conditions for growing.

#10 Firecracker Plant

Source: Plantvine

Firecracker Plants produce spikes that stick out of the tree and have heavy, red blooms which hang down. You can grow it if you live in zones from ten to higher.

#11 Citrus Trees

Source: Gardenzeus

Citrus Trees produce beautiful blooms throughout the year, depending upon variety, and also delicious fruit. Most citrus trees are hardy in zones from 9 to 11.

#12 Mimosa

Source: Premierseedsdirect

Mimosa does well in zones from 6 to 10 and produces bright, fluffy flowers in late spring and early summer. Keep in mind that the plant can invasive in certain areas, so you should consider before deciding to grow them in your yard.