12 Garden Plants To Attract Dragonflies For Mosquito Control

by Sasha Ridley

    I prefer using natural methods to scare off mosquitoes in my home and my office. Lavender, sweet basil, peppermint, and lemongrass are plants I often grow for this purpose. Mosquitoes do not love the flavor of these plants, so they will run away if they see these. Do you know that dragonflies eat mosquitoes at all stages of their life? They are excellent mosquito predators that can repel mosquitoes wherever they are. Mosquito’s foes are already here.

    12 Garden Plants To Attract Dragonflies For Mosquito Control

    To have dragonflies to fight off mosquitoes, you should grow some instant plants. That’s what this post offers. It shares 12 garden plants to attract dragonflies for mosquito control. If mosquito’s buzz and bites irritate you and your family, just ask the dragonflies for help. Your kids even get excited when seeing dragonflies inside the house or in the garden. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Joe Pye Weed

    Tiny pink flowers of Joe pye weed plants bloom from midsummer through fall. They can reach up to 3-12 feet tall and appeal dragonflies that like tall perches. These also attract butterflies and other pollinators like bees which dragonflies love.

    #2 Russian Sage

    Russian sage bursts in summer with blueish-purple blooms. They are a perennial plant that comes back your garden year after year.

    #3 White Yarrow

    Featuring big white creamy flowers, this perennial wildflower will striking in your garden at summer days. These plants grow thrive in full sun, dry to medium moisture, and well-drained soils.

    #4 Arrowhead

    Another perennial herb introduced here is arrowhead. These plants blossom in white tiny flowers with yellow centers that grow from the top of the stem. They tend to float when you put them in the underwater soil, so you have to figure it out to weigh them down.

    #5 Black Eyed Susan

    Black eyed susan is a great choice to attract dragonflies. This plant comes in bright yellow flowers typically around two years in climate that remain warm for most of the year. They grow well in different types of soil and need full sunlight and regular watering to bloom.

    #6 Water Horsetail

    Water horsetail is also a great plant to attract the predators of mosquitoes.  It’s a combination of submerged and floating plant and feature its stems rise out the water easily.

    #7 Bee Balm

    Bee balm is an aromatic herb that blossoms in pink, red, purple, and white. These plants can reach to 2-4 feet tall and offer a very long blooming period from May to October.

    #8 Water Lily

    Another floating plant that is beneficial to dragronflies is water lily. Water lily is a perfect spot for adult dragonflies to lay out their eggs. This plant grows from tubers in pots beneath the water surface with rounded leaves and star shaped blossoms that float on the surface.

    #9 Cattail

    Cattail plant thrives in moist soil and best grow in swampy marshes areas. It takes a great place for adult dragonflies to hang out and lay eggs.

    #10 Wild Celery

    Growing to the water surface, wild celery makes it a great place for adult dragonflies. As it is a submerged plant, you must plant it where there will be at least 18 inches of water at all times.

    #11 Meadow Sage

    Meadow sage cannot me missed in this category. It’s a beautiful perennial with eye catching purple flowers that attract all types of insects and butterflies.

    #12 Goldenrod

    Goldenrod is a pretty, yellow, late-blooming perennial that require full sun for best growth. Many consider it as a weed since it’s often found growing in abandoned fields and along roadsides.

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