12 Inspiring Windowsill Garden Ideas You Should Try

by Sasha Ridley

    Flower, succulent, vegetable or herb indoor garden is without dispute a charming home décor. It adds more shade to your home, making it greener and prettier. You can place these garden on the balcony, in the window box or windowsill. It depends on the plants that you grow. Regarding the plant containers, you can definitely make use of “throw-away” materials. Mason jars, wood pallets, plastic bottles, milk bottles, and wine bottles…. sound great. Enough to add to DIY project, right?


    In this post, I’m glad to share 12 inspiring windowsill garden ideas that you should try. If you want to make your garden more beautiful, these are right up your street. I have a mini herb garden at bedroom’s windowsill. Wake up in the morning, open the window, water my plants here and sip a cup of tea. It’s an ideal way to start a day. These plants also have culinary applications. Some can even repel flies and mosquitoes in your home. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Windowsill Herb Garden

    It’s fantastic to build a small herb garden in your windowsill. It not only serves for garnishing purposes but also help with your cooking. Herbs are always a great addition to your foods, from salads to stir-fry. Some of these herbs also repel flies and mosquitoes in your home.

    #2 Windowsill Succulent Garden

    Love having a cute small succulent garden in your home? Why not build a pretty one right in your windowsill? Your succulents will do well in here. To make it more attractive, you can grow some varieties at a time.

    #3 Outdoor Windowsill Garden

    Why not build an outdoor windowsill garden? A lot of flowers, vegetables and herbs thrive in here? Open your window and see these every morning is a good way to start your day!

    #4 Windowsill Houseplant Garden

    Who can resist this cute mini houseplant garden? Normally, we place indoor plants in the bedroom, bathroom and living room but these also thrive in your windowsill. They’re additionally make it less boring. Believe us!

    #5 Windowsill Herb Pots

    Another great ideas for your windowsill herb garden. Grow your herbs in pretty pots and place them in line in the windowsill. Simple, right?

    #6 Windownsill Succulent Pots

    Looking for simple succulent for your home? Place cute small succulent planters in line in your windowsill. That’s a way to proceed it.

    #7 Hanging Windowsill Herb Garden

    You may also hang your herb post in your windowsill. If you prefer modern style, these is an excellent choice for you.

    #8 Windowsill Vegetable Containers

    If your garden does not have enough room for your favorite vegetables, you can grow them in containers and place them in the windowsill. These serves for both garnishing and culinary purposes. I find it worth and hopefully, you also fall in love with this!

    #9 Windowsill Herb Garden from Wine Bottles

    Don’t let your wine bottles go to waste! They are adorable herb planters. Hanging them on your windowsill is great!

    #10 Outside Flower Windowsill Garden

    Is this a focal point of your garden? It will grasp the eyes of every one coming into or passing by your home. Believe us!

    #11 Herb Windowsill Garden from Cans

    Grow your herbs in impressively-painted cans and place in line in your windowsill. You have a lovely windowsill garden. Worth adding to DIY project?

    #12 Mason Jar Windowsill Herb Garden

    You can turn your mason jars into herb planters and place them in the windowsill to create a mini indoor garden. It does not require much time and effort but still brings your window more charm.

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