12 Plants To Grow On Hanging Baskets In Shade

by Marry Dell

    Owning a beautiful and attractive patio that everyone wants to, right? And there are a lot of ways to bring your desire to be true. Hanging basket with the best beautiful plants that are options that we are so glad to share today! Adding hanging baskets to your patio and other areas around your home is a great way to bring the eyes up, adding another layer of visual interest to your landscaping as well.
    12 Plants To Grow On The Hanging Baskets In Shade
    With this list here, each has its own beauty, so we are sure that you will find some that are suitable for your favorite. They can also be a great way that those living in apartments with balconies can enjoy gardening because they are types that can thrive in shade. These plants are for you, so if you love them, let’s grow some for your patio now!

    #1 Ferns

    There is almost an endless variety of ferns. These plants are usually grown for their foliage that can vary from the light-to-dark green. Some choices that you may want to consider for hanging baskets include Boston, Dallas, Maidenhair, hay-scented, and Kimberly Queen.

    #2 Rosemary

    Ensure that you always have fresh rosemary on hand by growing it in a hanging basket. Most rosemary has an upright appearance, rosemary, prostratus trails beautifully. It grows well in zones 1 to 12. This plant loves poor clay soil in full sun. In colder climates, hang baskets of this plant in full sun while in warmer climates give it some afternoon shade.

    #3 Primrose

    There are at least 17 different types of primroses that grow from zones 2 to 8. Most primroses produce small colorful flowers at the terminal end of long stalks. Candelabra choices often are particularly attractive in hanging baskets because of the produce flowers all along their stems. Likewise, some love the sun, while others adore the shade.

    #4 Creeping Jenny

    From zone 3 to 9, creeping jenny can be a great plant to grow in a hanging basket. This plant does exceptionally well in wet conditions.

    #5 Streptocarpella

    Gardeners in zones 9 to 11 who are looking for a hanging basket option should consider streptocarpella. This option produces lots of five-lobed flowers throughout the year. It loves the shade. Bluish-purple, pink and white options are all available on this evergreen plant.

    #6 ‘Glacier’ English ivy

    The white margins on the leaves on this plant that grows well in zones 4 to 9 give it a beautiful appearance. The fall blooms on this English Ivy are almost unnoticeable as they are also green and white.

    #7 Begonia

    If you are looking for a plant for a hanging basket that you can almost forget to care for, then consider the begonia if you live in zones 7 to 11. You can find sun-loving options and shade-loving choices in a variety of colors. You can find options with single-or-double blooms in this plant that may bloom from early spring through fall.

    #8 Torenia

    Torenia is often called the wishbone plant, and it will grow from zones 2 to 11. You will love the purple flowers on this choice. The two-lipped, tubular, trumpet-shaped flowers usually have light violet and a royal violet on the same bloom. You can also find burgundy, pink, rose, lavender, and white in this plant. This plant blooms from early summer to fall.

    #9 Fuchsia

    There are hundreds of fuchsia varieties, you can find single and double tubular flowers in a wide range of colors in this plant that blooms from spring through fall. This flower will wilt quickly and produce fewer flowers in the heat of the summer, so consider placing it in the coldest part of your area.

    #10 Chenille

    This plant grows from zones 9 to 11. Red is the most common color in this plant that blooms from spring through fall. This plant wants each part of it exposed to some sunlight daily. If you live in a cooler growing zone, this plant makes the perfect outdoor hanging basket, then bring it inside the rest of the year.

    #11 Lobelia

    Growing in zones 10 and 11, when selecting lobelia for hanging baskets, choose the trailing variety. This late spring bloomer that usually comes in red or blue has large, fan-shaped lower lips. Butterflies adore this plant that has narrow leaves that often have bronze around their edges.

    #12 Loropetalum

    This plant that grows best in zones 7 to 9 puts on long, narrow, white flowers in the early spring that last for about a month. It also has evergreen foliage that usually is green, but you can find options that have red leaves. Choose a hanging basket that drains well for it because it can be suspectable to root rot.

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