12 Spring Flowers Will Make Your Garden More Beautiful

by Marry Dell

    If you are planning a flower garden for the next spring, you are on the right track. In the post today, we are so glad to share the 12 best beautiful flowers for your spring garden that everyone will fall in love with, special your neighbor will envy. It’s time to start a beautiful garden as you want. Keep reading to know what flowers will suit your spring garden.
    12 Spring Flowers Will Make Your Garden More Beautiful
    Spring is the best time of the year the time of producing flowers. So, these flowers are great to grow in the weather of spring. They can grow easily and will give your garden beautiful flowers in a short time. And that also is a great time to see them. There is nothing better than walking your garden and enjoy them in the early morning, right? Growing them right now for your garden!

    #1 Bleeding Heart

    A common spring ephemeral, bleeding heart plants bloom early in the spring and may die back completely when temperatures begin to climb. The perennial plants get their name from the distinctive heart-shaped flowers that dangle from weeping branches.

    #2 Lilac

    Known for their intoxicating fragrance, lilacs come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet the landscaping needs of many gardeners. Lilac bushes enjoy full sun and well-drained soil. Blooms occur on old wood, so prune plants shortly after flowers have faded.

    #3 Tulip

    Different tulip varieties bloom at different times. Plant a selection of bulbs in the late fall for continuous blooming from early to late spring.

    #4 Pansy

    Available in a range of colors, the pansy is one of the most popular annuals planted in gardens and flowerbeds. Flowers have large, showy face markings.

    #5 Grape Hyacinth

    The grape hyacinth blooms in April and May, stunning the landscape with grape-shaped clusters of blue, purple, white or yellow flowers. Large groupings of plants look best and thrive in spots that receive sun at least half of the day.

    #6 Daffodil

    Traditional daffodils come in iconic yellow or white, with newer varieties available in many colors. They are deer- and rodent-resistant but should also be kept away from pets.

    #7 Iris

    Irises are popular spring plants thanks to their hardiness, easy-to-grow nature, and their ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

    #8 Crocus

    With diminutive blooms range in color from purples to oranges, and strong fragrance, the flower can draw bees out of their hives. Crocus bulbs naturalize as well, spreading and returning year after year.

    #9 Bluebells

    The charming flowers on bluebell plants start off as pink buds and turn blue over time. Bluebells need rich, moist soil and grow best in shade to partial shade sun exposure.

    #10 Forsythia

    The bright yellow flowers of forsythia shrubs are a sure bet that spring is on its way. The bright yellow flowers open before the foliage emerges on the plants. They are easy to grow and tolerate poor soil conditions and bouts of droughts.

    #11 Magnolia

    Magnolias are popular around the world for their intoxicating fragrance and glossy foliage. They thrive in sunny locations protected from harsh winds. Flower can span up to 8 inches in diameter, commonly in pink or white.

    #12 Creeping Phlox

    Only reaching 6 inches high at most, this flower is used to create stunning groundcovers. Creeping phlox plants tolerate poor soil conditions and do well in full-sun locations that get a touch of shade in the afternoon. The flowers attract butterflies!

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