13 Best Beautiful Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants

by Marry Dell

    Do you want to add some drama and interest to your plant collection? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post today, we are so glad to share 13 unique Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants that come in rare metal-like foliage. They are exciting indoor plants to add that touch of class to your houseplant collection. Check them out with us.
    13 Best Beautiful Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants
    The metallic color is common in nature but quite rare in plants. That is the reason why when growing them in your house, they not only make your house more impressive and beautiful but also can bring natural beauty. You can place them on tabletops to see their beauty daily. Like other indoor plants, they also are easy to grow and take care of. So, let’s save and grow some for your home right now.

    #1 Aluminum Plant

    The gorgeous green foliage of this pilea variety is patterned in an attractive metallic silver sheen. Pair it with indoor flowers for an awesome looking plants combo.

    #2 Peacock Begonia

    The royal blue color of its foliage has a shimmering metallic blue effect to it. It is also quite easy to maintain and looks simply fabulous.

    #3 Persian Shield

    This plant is admired for its dark metallic green leaves marked with luminous purple streaks and silver margins.

    #4 Metal Leaf Begonia

    This beautiful variety displays metallic dark green foliage with red veins. The leaves’ undersides have distinct red coloration.

    #5 Silver Philodendron

    This philodendron variety has heart-shaped ruffled leaves in a light shade of green with silver variegation. This cute plant is a must grow if you want that metallic sheen indoors!

    #6 Metallic Palm

    Metallic Palm is a relative of parlor palm and features wide fishtail-like leaves with a metallic sheen. It looks spectacular with other bright foliaged plants.

    #7 Calathea

    If you are looking for a metallic gleam on leaves, this plant is a perfect choice for you. The lustrous deep green foliage, with fuchsia pink outlines, looks extremely shiny and beautiful.

    #8 Metallic Leaf Begonia

    The oval leaves of the plant have toothy edges. Its olive-green foliage has a nice metallic gloss, which looks simply amazing.

    #9 Purple Waffle Plant

    Also popular as red ivy, the plant looks simply exotic with its purple ruffled leaves having a metallic sheen. Expose it to a lot of sunlight and watch it shine.

    #10 Copper Spoon Plant

    Copper spoon has succulent leaves that look like copper. It is a compact specimen and also grows yellow flowers.

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