13 Best Plants That Scare Off Flies And Bugs

by Sasha Ridley

    Flies and bugs are the most common insects in your garden. These not only annoy your plants but also bother you. So how to repel them? Just make use of the plants in your garden. I mean that you can definitely grow some plants that help prevent these insects from coming near you and other garden plants. It does cost you much time and effort. You can grow these plants while growing other garden crop.


    Here are 13 best plants that scare off flies and bugs in your garden. If you prefer natural gardening methods, you should never miss these. Basil, marigold, chrysanthemums, lavender, lemongrass, … they are all popular with you guys. Along with helping your gardening, these plants also serve for cooking, garnishing and medicinal purposes. One plant but does multiple things. They’re worth growing in your garden, right?

    #1 Marigold

    Marigold is one of the effective garden plants that keep flies, mosquitoes, and some other bugs away. Did you know that they can also predict the weather! If their blooms don’t open in the morning, it’s because it’s going to rain during the day.

    #2 Rosemary

    Humans love the fragrance of rosemary but mosquitoes don’t. So why don’t we release its scent to repel pests? A homemade repellent spray will do best in this case.

    #3 Mint

    Mint, or any of the other varieties, is effective in flying mosquitoes away and is a natural wolf spider repellent. The the aromatic oil found in its stems, leaves, and flowers can repel bugs of all kinds. You can grow these herbs directly in soil in your garden or in containers, both indoors and out.

    #4 Chrysanthemums

    Do you know that chrysanthemums are the secret ingredient in flea shampoos and sprays and insecticides? These flowers can repel and kill mosquitoes, ticks, spider mites, roaches, and more. Dalmatian chrysanthemums are especially potent.

    #5 Lavender

    Moths, flies, fleas, and mosquitoes do not enjoy the fragrance of lavender. So why not grow this beautiful plant in your garden to repel them? It’s also serve for cooking, garnishing and medicinal purposes.

    #6 Lemongrass

    The citronella oil found in lemongrass can repel mosquitoes and some other bugs. Meanwhile, this tasty citrusy plant is a great addition to many Asian dishes. I just love its distinctive flavor. You can grow them in bush in your garden or in containers.

    #7 Lemon Thyme

    Another citrus-flavored herb that repels insects is lemon thyme. Be sure to bruise its leaves to achive that effect. If your garden does not have enough space for these herbs, feel free to grow them in containers. They do well when getting enough water and sunlight.

    #8 Nasturtium

    Nasturtium flowers taste like pepper. Many gardeners grow nasturtiums among cucumbers and squash as they help keep pests away from other plants in the garden. The scent of nasturtiums can repel flies, aphids, beetles, loopers, whiteflies, and squash bugs. You can even grow these plants in containers. Be sure to give them plenty of sun and water.

    #9 Lantana camara

    Although lantana is toxic to livestock, it still helps with your garden. Lantana, or Wild Sage was proved to protect against the malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquito in Kenya. Its leaves fight fungal infections and extracts from the plant cure respiratory illnesses. The colorful blooms of this plant also attract butterflies and bees.

    #10 Catnip

    Catnip is appealing to cats and beneficial insects like bees but disgusting to mosquitoes. Nepetalactone, a substance more powerful than DEET found in this plant makes it a “hate” plant to mosquitoes and flies.

    #11 Basil

    The basil leaves in your garden are effective in repelling flies when crushed. It’s the vapor from its juice that turns away predatory insects. A herb that is a great addition to salads, soups, and sandwiches, and also help scare off annoying insects. Worth growing in your garden, right?

    #12 Garlic

    Garlic repels bloodsuckers like mosquitoes with its strong scent. You can grow them directly in your garden or in containers. They are a great addition to a variety of dishes.

    #13 Bayleaf or Bay Laurel

    The collection ends with bayleaf that is also called bay laurel. Its scent can repel flies, ants, fleas, and roaches. It’s a slow-growing shrub, and you can raise it in a container. Give it plenty of light and a warm spot with no drafts.

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