13 Best Ways To Preserve Zucchini

by Marry Dell

    Your zucchini garden is a bountiful harvest this year. Congratulation on this. There are so many delicious dishes that can be made from the great vegetable. However, due to having so much, and you can not eat the same time, right? And it is a problem here. Don’t worry, in the post today, we will give you some recommendations about ways to preserve them. Some can be stored in a sort of time, but another can last in the long term, even one year. No matter how long the time, you still will have your own ways to enjoy your summer vegetable in ways below.

    13 Best Ways To Preserve Zucchini

    And here are 13 Best Ways To Preserve Zucchini that should you save. They are easy to make without requiring a lot of effort or time. Moreover, with the fruits that are already at the time of harvest, you should harvest as soon as possible to give way to the next young fruits. And the nutrients will also focus on the young fruit, and so on, this vegetable will be extended its harvest for a while more. Read on!

    #1 Shredded Zucchini

    Shredded zucchini and then put them in frozen. It is the easiest way to preserve your zucchini and turn it into many delicious dishes after thawing.

    #2 Zucchini Slices

    Chopped cubes, slices or wedges of frozen zucchini will be ready to add to the pot at all season, whether is winter or summer.

    #3 Frozen Zoodles

    Zoodles are a fantastic way to preserve low-acid and low-carb food.

    #4 Halved Zucchini

    Halved zucchini, even though it may take up more significant space in your freezer, but it is ideal for baking zucchini boats.

    #5 Zucchini Purée

    Zucchini purée is not just baby food, it is a sort of mild green sauce that you can add to soups, stews, and baked goods. Freezing zucchini is the easiest and fastest way to get your zucchini straight from the garden and into a safe storage space for months to come.

    #6 Zucchini Chips

    If you want to eat something light or new, zucchini chips are the perfect treat. It is a light snack, which also happens to be low-carb and suitable for those who are on a diet

    #7 Zucchini Pasta (Noodles)

    Zucchini Pasta (Noodles) is a less common way than others. However, it is a great delicious dish to treat everyone at the weekend

    #8 Zucchini Pickles

    Making pickles is one of my favorite ways to preserve zucchini. Not requires the refrigerator kind, the well-preserved, sit-on-the-shelf-for-a-year kind.

    #9 Zucchini Relish

    Zucchini relish is a wonderful way to use up slightly larger fruits that have sat a little too long on the vine.

    #10 Zucchini Salsa

    If you are a salsa lover, let’s try making salsa with zucchini. It is so tasty and full of flavor.

    #11 Canned Zucchini Salad

    If you are looking for a different way to can up your zucchini this year, canned zucchini salad recipe is worth looking at. It is a mixture of tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers – all of which ripen about the same time. In this much, you can use all of your garden harvests to your advantage.

    #12 Zucchini Pineapple

    Rather than something to eat straight from the jar, you’ll want to use the pineapple-sized zucchini chunks in another way. You can add them to salads, or use them in cakes. Anywhere you might use pineapple.

    #13 Zesty Hot Chili Zucchini Marmalade

    Last on the list of ways to preserve your glut of zucchini, is marmalade. It is tangy, citrusy, and spicy with generous amounts of orange, lemon, and ginger. There is also a hint of cinnamon and cloves tossed in for good measure. Make this zesty, hot chili zucchini marmalade, and be ready with a fleet of beautiful jars to give away as marvelous homemade gifts come wintertime.

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