13 Common Tomato Problems & How To Handle Them

11. Bulls-eye circle on the blossom end

A mushy, bulls-eye circle found on the tomato may be a sign of a nasty fungus known as anthracnose. It takes hold in hot and moist weather and is spread when water spaces on the ground pushing the fungus upward.

To fix this condition, you should switch to a drip irrigation system that waters the roots instead of the foliage of the plant.

And, don’t forget to harvest your tomatoes when they are ripe. If you let tomatoes hang on the vine too long, it will be a great invitation to the fungus.

12. Puffiness

The tomatoes you harvest from your garden may look great and ripen but you may find something strange when you slice into the fruit. Large open spaces with very little fruit.

You can also find fruits that are lighter than usual upon harvesting and also had an angular or square shape. This condition is the result of the lack of nutrients, poor soil or inadequate pollination.

To handle this, you should feed your plants during the growing season. Give them a frequent top dressing of homemade compost or compost tea is necessary for healthy fruit.

13. Holes in fruit

You may find small holes on tomatoes that collapse when you pick them up. This could be from tomato fruit worms. Unluckily, the only thing you can do is destroy the fruit that is infected.

To repel fruit worms from your tomato fruits, try starting your planting under row covers, keeping them covered until they flower.

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