13 Easy DIY Ideas To Grow Lettuce

13 Easy DIY Ideas To Grow Lettuce

You love eating salads made out of green lettuce, you are in the right place to get your own organic garden. In the post today, we’ve listed 13 Easy DIY Ideas To Grow Lettuce that you can enjoy your favorite salad dishes all season. Lettuce is one of the easiest to grow vegetables and can adapt to any condition without requiring much take care. In addition, this veggie has a short-time growing process, so you will harvest the first green leaves quickly for your daily meals.
13 Easy DIY Ideas To Grow Lettuce
With these ideas today, you can reuse old items around the home into planters to grow this veggie. PVC pipe, plastic bottles, wine barrel, grocery bag,… all can turn into useful pots according to these creative ways. Most of them are great ideas for those who are lack space because they can make the smallest space of your home such as balcony, patio, terrace. For the best growth, not only apply these ideas, you should give them a place that gets sunlight, moist soil, and well drainage. Save them and try some if you are interested in them.

#1 Tiered Lettuce Garden

Source: Tipjunkie

#2 Grow In PVC Pipe

Source: Pioneersettler

#3 Grow In Plastic Bottles with PVC Pipe

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#4 Movable Vertical Garden

Source: Pinterest

#5 Vertical Lettuce Garden on Dry Trees

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#6 Grow In Hanging Basket

Source: Frangerfarm

#7 Grow In Wooden Boxes

Source: Jenniferskitchen

#8 Hanging Lettuce Garden

Source: Buzzfeed

#9 Lettuce in a Wine Barrel

Source: Gardentherapy

#10 Vertical Lettuce Garden

Source: Gardenmagz

#11 Grow Leaf Lettuce in a Reusable Grocery Bag

Source: Containergardening

#12 Grow In Plastic Bottles

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#13 Grow Leaf Lettuce In Bottled Five Gallons Of Water

Source: Goodshomedesign