13 Gardening Ideas With Bucket

13 Gardening Ideas With Bucket

If you have old buckets, don’t throw them, let’s save and transform them into mini gardens that can grow your favorite vegetables. In the post today, we want to share 13 gardening ideas with buckets that you can make easily at home. Are you ready to spend your time on checking them with us?
13 Gardening Ideas With Bucket
Although the size of the bucket is limited, you can totally grow some type of vegetables such as potato, tomato, ginger, herb, flower…these plants are so easy to grow and take care of when grown in the bucket. Whether your space is lack or larger, they are suitable for all. So, let’s save them and try to grow some, you will have a bountiful harvest in the next time. Start now!

#1 Growing Mushroom Farm in a Bucket

#2 5 Gallon Buckets Wrapped in Burlap

#3 Potato Bucket Gardening Idea

#4 Cute DIY Painted Bucket for Growing Plants

#5 DIY Flower Bucket

#6 Buckets used as Crop Protection Device

#7 DIY Stunning Bucket Fountain in a Garden

#8 Self Watering Container

#9 Buckets used as Upside Down Tomato Planter

#10 DIY Vertical Bucket Garden