13 Grow-Like-Weed Succulents You Will Love To Know

11. Lizard’s Tail

Lizard’s Tail is also known as ‘Watch Chain’. This creeping and branching crassula goes on spreading and sprawling outwards with its stunning light green foliage & small yellow-green flowers. Grow it in hanging baskets to let it perform best.

12. Mother of Thousands

This attractive succulent shows off large fleshy green leaves that produce baby plantlets from the edges of leaves. It spreads fast and can also tolerate intense heat but what it doesn’t like it cold.

13. Elephant Bush

You can call this succulent ‘Miniature Jade,’. It doesn’t belong to the Crassula family, and is available in many varieties. Plant it from stem cuttings of the main plant. It grows quite rapidly.

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