15 Herbs Can Grow Well In Shade

13 Herbs Can Grow Well In Shade

#11 Wild Ginger

Grow wild ginger anywhere but grow well in moist, slightly acidic soil, preferably in the shade of tall trees. You can plant small sections of the rhizome, each with an eye or two, in late fall or early spring. They will sprout soon and send out stolons to spread and cover the area with their attractive foliage.

#12 Meadowsweet

Grow Meadowsweet in moist and shady locations. It prefers rich soil with good amounts of compost added to it.

#13 Lemon Balm

Grow lemon balm in rich, moist soil. It loves sun and warmth, but it can thrive in partial shade as well. Frequent pruning keeps the plant bushy and prevents early flowering.

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