13 Herbs Can Grow Well In Shade

by Marry Dell

    As you know, most plants need sunlight to grow, but there are also plants that grow well in the shade. So, you can take advantage of the shady areas of your garden to plant them, which means you will have more green space for your garden, they are not bare, or without excitement. And in the article today, we recommend 13 Herbs that Can Grow Well In Shade that you should grow now for your garden.
    15 Herbs Can Grow Well In Shade
    With these herbs, they absolutely do not need to take care of too much. You just need to give them enough moisture in the soil, nutrient-rich soil, good drainage conditions without being waterlogged. That is all they need to grow well and give a productive harvest. And you will have your favorite herbs to garnish for each delicious dish on daily meals. If you are interested, check them right now!

    #1 Parsley

    Parsley needs moist soil rich in organic matter to do its best. Although it can grow in full sun, light shade is better for the lush growth of the leaves. The herb is grown from seeds, but it has a long germination period

    #2 Cilantro

    It is easily grown from seeds, and thrives in rich, moist soil containing plenty of humus.

    #3 Chives

    The pretty little flowers that come in purplish pink can be used as an edible garnish.They can grow well in rich and well-drained soil. They prefer some moisture in the soil, but avoid waterlogged conditions. Chives can thrive in full sun, but light shade, especially during the afternoon, is preferred. Its presence may act as a deterrent to many garden pests.

    #4 Mint

    Mint is easily propagated from seeds and cuttings, and thrives well in well-drained, moist soil. Mint likes light shade, especially when grown in warmer areas. It tends to grow leggy, but frequent pruning helps the herb remain bushy.

    #5 Thyme

    Thyme grows well almost anywhere, and can be cultivated as a perennial. It can survive drought and light freezes, but requires some protection in winter. It does well in sunny locations, but prefers some shade, especially in warmer areas. Frequent pruning keeps the plants healthy and green.

    #6 Tarragon

    Tarragon loves rich, well-draining soil, but poor soil intensifies its flavor. It should be watered not more than once or twice a week; the rhizomatous roots can rot in wet and waterlogged conditions. It does well in places that get full morning sun, but requires afternoon shade, especially in warm areas.

    #7 Angelica

    This angelica prefers woodland conditions, requiring ample shade and soil moisture to do well. You can plant Angelica in the shade of shrubs and trees where it can enjoy the dappled shade and the slightly acidic soil.

    #8 Sweet Woodruff

    It is another shade-loving herb preferring cultural conditions similar to Angelica. However, it is a ground hugging perennial plant that can be enjoyed closer home. Give it a shady location with rich, well-draining soil and it will soon send out runners to cover the entire area with sweet-smelling ground cover.

    #9 Shiso/Red Perilla

    Red Perilla can be grown from seeds and planted in moist areas with rich soil and some amount of shade. It does well as an annual in areas with high humidity are preferred.

    #10 Ginger

    Ginger is a woodland plant of the tropics, and it can be grown successfully as a perennial. Treat it as an annual, providing a warm, sheltered location. It is propagated by division of the rhizomes. Mulch it well to keep in moisture and provide warmth.

    #11 Wild Ginger

    Grow wild ginger anywhere but grow well in moist, slightly acidic soil, preferably in the shade of tall trees. You can plant small sections of the rhizome, each with an eye or two, in late fall or early spring. They will sprout soon and send out stolons to spread and cover the area with their attractive foliage.

    #12 Meadowsweet

    Grow Meadowsweet in moist and shady locations. It prefers rich soil with good amounts of compost added to it.

    #13 Lemon Balm

    Grow lemon balm in rich, moist soil. It loves sun and warmth, but it can thrive in partial shade as well. Frequent pruning keeps the plant bushy and prevents early flowering.

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