13 Plants That Can Get Rid Of Ants Around Your Home

13 Plants That Can Get Rid Of Ants Around Your Home

Your garden is filled with uninvited guests with tiny little bodies. These tiny insects, called ants, can be troublesome, both indoors and outdoors. If you want to find ways to control them, this post today will give you a great suggestion. That is plants! And here are the 13 Plants That Can Get Rid Of Ants Around Your Home that will protect your garden from the invasion of ants. Explore them with us.
13 Plants That Can Get Rid Of Ants Around Your Home
These plants are quite popular, right? Most of them are herbs, others are beautiful flowers. So, when you plant them, apart from solving the problem effectively, they can give you flavorful herbs to make your dishes more delicious, even they can give your backyard beautiful landscaping, a mini garden right in your house. So, instead of using pesticides, you can grow these plants to keep ants away.

#1 Rue

Source: Thespruce

To repel ants, you can use Rue by scattering the twigs around plants, and ants will disappear soon. This plant is a perennial herb with thin woody shoots.

#2 Yarrow

Source: Kegerator

Yarrow not only deters ants effectively but also butterflies and gets rid of other insects.

#3 Lavender

Source: Waltersgardens

Lavender emits a strong scent that keeps ants away from plants.

#4 Wormwood

Source: Thetutuguru

You can grow wormwood to prevent the attack of ants as well as protect other plants in your garden.

#5 Sage

Source: Thespruce

Sage can repel ants effectively thanks to its strong fragrance. Also, it prevents other insects in your garden.

#6 Thyme

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Thyme stops ants from entering the soil by its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Crushing a few of its leaves and keeping it on the ants’ path is the best solution for effect.

#7 Lemongrass

Source: Suttons

Thanks to citronella oil, lemongrass can repel ants effectively. Simply, rush the leaves and spread them around the garden plants to get rid of them.

#8 Tansy

Source: Amazone

Tansy has both leaves and roots that can control ants by sprinkling tansy over plants. Rememberber that you should wear gloves before handling the plant as it is toxic as well as keep pets and children away from the tansy.

#9 Rosemary

Source: Growagoodlife

Rosemary protects your plants from ants and other insects like beetles, mosquitoes.

#10 Pennyroyal

Source: Gardeningchannel

Pennyroyal has a sweet aroma to prevent pest invasion and ants. It is a toxic plant, so keep your kids and pets stay away.

#11 Mint

Source: Thespruce

Mint can deter ants effectively by its strong fragrance.

#12 Catnip

Source: Calloways

Ants don’t like the smell of catnip, so you can deter them by growing it where ants are mostly found.

#13 Garlic

Source: Coastreporter

Garlic is one of the most effective repellents for ants. You can grow this plant around doorways and below windows to keep them away from your home.