13 Succulents That Can Propagate From Cuttings

13 Succulents That Can Propagate From Cuttings

#11 Aeonium

Thí plant can bring colors with its colorful leaves in red, cream, and chartreuse shades. It features thick spoon-like, puffy leaves in a rosette pattern. You can propagate this succulent from 3-4 inches stem cutting any time of the year.

#12 Strings of Pearls

Strings of pearls is a perfect trailing houseplant producing beautiful rounded, bead-like small leaves and white fragrant flowers. You can propagate strings of pearls from stem cutting.

#13 Strings of Banana

Strings of banana produce small white, yellow, or lavender colored flowers and banana-shaped leaves all year round. Stem cuttings from a healthy plant can easily propagate them.

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