13 Unique Secrets to Organize and Update a Small Bathroom

Tiny bathrooms can be cozy and cool, the only thing you have to do is choosing the appropriate furniture and arrange it in the appropriate way. You’ll see that your small bathroom will transform into a big one with a few hacks.

Today, One Million Ideas shares with you some impressive design ideas to make your bathroom more spacious and even more gorgeous.

#13 Painting light colors

Repaint and choose furniture in light colors make tiny rooms look bigger and it also works with the bathroom.

#12 Place a storage case above the door

A case above the door is a perfect way to use your space. This is one of intelligent ideas and you can try to make it with your own  hands.

#11 Additional storage

The fact is that you don’t have to buy another drawer, you can use the space under your bathtub easily!

10. A wall organization

This useful jar organizer will contain everything you need in the bathroom. In addition, it doesn’t take up too much space in your bathroom.

#9 Shelves above the toilet

Here’s another genious way to manage your storage: shelves don’t take up too much space. That pictures prove that we’re right.

#8 Mirror storage case

A crystal mirror will make the room seem bigger and it also can hide an additional storage case for many items. ‘

#7 A transparent shower

A transparent shower screen with light colors in the bathroom will make it look bigger.

#6 A big mirror

A mirror is still a useful item that can make your room look more spacious visually.

#5 A corner sink

When it comes to every single inch, you need to think about comfortable bathroom equipment. The corner sink is a big decision.

#4 Built-in shelves

People don’t want too many drawers in a tiny bathroom, which is why it’s more practical to use built-in shelves to store all your belongings.

#3 A sink above a washing machine

It’s a simple way to save up some space. And this excellent “union” won’t ruin your bathroom’s interior.

#2 Proper storage

It is even possible to use a large cupboard effectively. These ideas show us how to get rid of all the clutter so that we have the ability to store as many things as we can.

Another way to save space can be a stand with shelves. The author of the Golden Boys and Me blog tells this stand was found in the kitchen aisle, but as you can see, it totally can be placed in the bathroom too.

#1 Layout

At this point, you’ve already got to think about how you’re going to use your bathroom spce. For instance, you could install a shower instead of a bathtub or arrange other pieces of furniture properly.

If your bathroom is very small, you still can use its space wisely. Here are some bonus ideas you can learn.


Add some color and your bathroom will be a cozy place

One Million Ideas hopes that some of the best small bathroom storage ideas will help you save up your space. Do you think these tips useful? Tell us know!