14 Beautiful Lucky Bamboo Varieties To Bring Home

by Sasha Ridley

    Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular houseplants. Some may think that this wishlist plant simply brings a green hue to their home but actually it is capable of providing a higher amount of oxygen, comparing to other types of plants. This helps purify and improve indoor air quality. for these things, why don’t you find room for a lucky bamboo plant in your home?

    Here are 20 beautiful lucky bamboo varieties to bring home we would like to share today. If you are looking for an air-purifying indoor plant and also a Feng Shui plant, these are right up your street. These bamboos will add a rustic and tropical refresh to your home, making you totally relaxed when at home. Additionally, these houseplants have minimum requirements, making them perfect for busy homeowners.

    1. Green Lucky Bamboo

    Green Bamboo is the most popular lucky bamboo. It is known for its single or multiple stalks, which represents truth in Feng Shui. This bamboo variety is easy to grow and looks pretty cool in glass jars.

    2. 8 Layer Lucky Bamboo

    This layer bamboo variety looks stunning in a glass bowl filled with white pebble, making it a perfect centerpiece.

    3. White Stripe Gold

    White Stripe Gold resembles White Stripe Victory in appearance. The difference between the two is its leaves with a yellow border.

    4. 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

    2 Layer Lucky Bamboo is a species of Dracaena sanderiana. It’s considered a perfect gift, bringing love and a happy life to the bearers.

    5. Lotus Lucky Bamboo

    Lotus Lucky Bamboo produces a single stalk with leaves at the end and represents purity in Feng Shui.

    6. Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo

    As the name suggests, this lucky bamboo has heart-shaped stems. It can be trained to form a big or small shape. Never miss this amazing plant for gifting.

    7. 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo

    This lucky bamboo variety makes a name for itself with its low-maintenance nature. It is also said to bring luck to the bearer.

    8. Spiral Lucky Bamboo

    Spiral Lucky Bamboo has a spiral growing pattern, which makes it quite unique to look at. They are an excellent choice for gifting purposes.

    9. Feng Shui Wheel

    This bamboo plant has stems that are tightly packed together, giving it an interesting look. They grow in a spiral cylindrical pattern.

    10. White Stripe Victory

    White Stripe Victory is known for its adorable light green leaves with white stripes. This bamboo variety thrives happily in shaded locations without any special care.

    11. Pyramid Big 5

    As the name may suggest, this bamboo plant is made of five stems in a slanting growing pattern which gives the plant a look of a pyramid.

    12. Braided Lucky Bamboo

    5-6 stems of this lucky bamboo are braided together to form a single stem, which looks spectacular with leaves on top.

    13. Straight Lucky Bamboo

    Straight bamboos feature a single stalk with multiple leaves. Their stem is medium to tall with an erect growing pattern.

    14. Trellis Lucky Bamboo

    This lucky bamboo is known for multiple single stalks woven together to form an interesting shape. The trellis can be 4,5,8 or 10 in number.

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