14 Different Types of Violets For The Garden

by Marry Dell

    Purple is one of the most striking colors and preferred by many people. For those who love purple, they can’t help knowing about the violet flower. This flower symbolizes purity, calmness, spirituality, and luxury. That is the reason why in the post today, we want to write about this beautiful flower as well as share 14 different types. They can enliven the beauty of any garden when they have space in there. If you are interested, let’s check them out with us.
    14 Different Types of Violets For The Garden
    Taking them a look, they are so beautiful in purple color, right? Each has its own beauty, and you will have interesting experiences with them. It is so great when you grow them in the garden and enjoy their natural beauty. We believe that whenever you stay in front of their beauty, your eyes will be attracted immediately. They are not only beautiful but also easy to grow and take care of. So, don’t hesitate, if you love this flower, let’s grow some for your garden right now.

    #1 African Violets

    This type forms a cluster of violet, white, or purple flowers in many shapes and sizes. They can be single or double, with ruffled or ringed petals. It loves bright indirect sunlight and well-draining soil.

    #2 Verbena

    Verbena produces a cluster of mauve-colored flowers all summer long. Its low height also makes it an excellent pot plant. Grow it in well-drained moist soil.

    #3 Lavender

    The mind-blowing fragrance of lavender flowers is known for relieving stress. Lavender’s deep purple flowers are ideal for your hedges and garden beds. Grow some and enjoy the beauty of this flower.

    #4 Clematis

    The hybrid varieties of clematis produce violet, purple, red, or bicolor flowers. ‘General Sikorski’ shows off dark lavender color flowers with a red tinge in the center.

    #5 Bellflower

    The small, bell-shaped violet flowers of this species are arranged beautifully on green stems. They love both full sun and partial shade, with regular watering.

    #6 Dwarf Iris

    Dwarf Iris has beautiful bright flowers on an upright plant. It works well in full sun. The plant is ideal for growing on edges and in the spring garden.

    #7 Catmint

    Catmint is ideal for ground cover, it can drought and heat resistant. It produces violet-colored flowers with fragrant foliage. This herb thrives in full sun with regular watering.

    #8 Balloon Flower

    Star-shaped, violet flowers have dark blue veins running on each petal. Balloon-like buds blossom throughout summer. It does well in full sun or partial shade.

    #9 Salvia

    This beautiful, eye-catching variety has bright violet flowers on upright stems with dark green foliage from mid-summer to frost. It works best for flower beds or borders.

    #10 Pasque Flower

    This ornamental spring-flowering variety features purple-violet, crocus-like flowers. It grows best in fertile, well-drained soil under full sun.

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