14 DIY Garden Bench Ideas

14 DIY Garden Bench Ideas

Have you ever thought that owning a unique bench in your garden is ideal? With a bench, you not only enhance the design of your garden but also give you a place to sit, enjoy your plants and feel the freshness of nature around. So, if your garden still hasn’t a bench, let’s think about making one of 14 DIY creative garden bench ideas today that you can easily create at home. Check them out!

In this gallery, you will see these garden bench ideas are made from different materials such as wood, cinderblocks, stone, and even crates. Whatever your material is, it is not important; it simply needs to be a design that fits the style and the décor of your existing garden. Maybe they are a log-style bench or a rustic rock bench, and of course, they will inspire you and you will find one that you will love.

#1 Block and Wood Bench

#2 Tower of Cinderblocks

#3 Pallet and Crate Relaxation Combination

#4 Raised Cinderblock Bench

#5 Planter-Styled Bench

#6 DIY Planter Bench

#7 Garage Door Bench

#8 The Crate Couch

#9 Passionate Pink Bench

#10 Slate Bench

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