14 Garden Tools You Can Get For Free

Some may think that gardening requires a lot of time and budget. It’s true in some cases, but not for all. You can definitely use tools and utilities that are available at your home. They’re smart hacks for the gardening. Turn old things into useful ones that directly work with your garden. This will save you a lot of money and also prove that you are a smart gardener. Not only do experienced gardeners love this but beginners also need to know it.

14 Garden Tools You Can Get For Free

And, here are 14 garden tools that you can get for free. They’re easy and fun enough for DIY projects. As I prefer natural gardening methods, I really love these hacks. They are all friendly to the environment and work so well. If you are finding something effective yet inexpensive for your gardening, just give these a try. Let’s check them out!

#1 Use K-Cups as Seed Starters

#2 Make a Vertical Herb Garden Using a Shoe Rack

#3 Use Milk Jugs to Water Your Garden

#4 Use Eggs Cartons to Start Your Seedlings

#5 Turn an Old Bird Bath Into a Succulent or Fairy Garden

#6 Use Coffee Filters to Keep Soil from Leaking Out of Pots

#7 Place Plastic Forks in the Soil to Prevent Animals from Getting into Your Garden

#8 Reuse Wine Bottles To Be a Gradual Water Supply for the Plants

#9 Create a Greenhouse Using the Top of a Milk Jug to Protect Your Seedlings

#10 Make Biodegradable Planters from Toilet Paper Rolls

#11 Make Your Own Seed Bombs Using Muffin Tins and Newspaper

#12 Make an Automatic Water Supply

#13 Build Your Own Rain Barrel to Water the Garden

#14 Keyword Keys Can Be Turned into Fun Plant Markers