14 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow In Dry Air

by Marry Dell

    Each plant needs different growth conditions about weather, lighting, or water, and this list of plants in the post today too. If your house has low humidity but you want to grow some plants to bring green space, there are 14 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow In Dry Air and they will surely thrive without any trouble. Learning about them to choose some that you love.
    14 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow In Dry Air
    They are native plants to arid climates, so they are more resistant to dry air as compared to the other ones. That is the reason why they are so easy to exist in your house with the lowest care, even your oblivion. Regardless of whether you are a beginner with humble gardening experience or have no experience at all, they are great selections to start your own indoor garden. Also, some of them produce beautiful to liven up your living space, others bring cool air with the green foliages.

    #1 Snake Plant

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    #2 String of Pearls

    Image Credits: Planteria

    #3 Kalanchoes

    Image Credits: Bhg

    #4 Bunny Ear Cactus

    Image Credits: Secretgardenivy

    #5 Clivia

    Image Credits: White Flower Farm

    #6 Aloe

    Image Credits: Indoor Plant Shop

    #7 Wax Plant

    Image Credits: Pinterest

    #8 Cactus Plants

    Image Credits: My Garden Life

    #9 Arrowhead Vine

    Image Credits: Planteria

    #10 Scented Geranium

    Image Credits: Plant Index

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