14 Stunning Box Garden Ideas

14 Stunning Box Garden Ideas

#11 A Stairstepped Box Garden Retaining Wall

Incorporate your raised bed box garden into your landscape design. A sloped yard calls for smart thinking, and this garden of tiered raised beds is a great solution.

#12 A Tiny Crate With Tiny Succulents

Have a small wooden crate that’s begging for plants? Consider planting a handful of tiny succulents. Mix them up, you will have varying shades of green in those lovely grey-green tones.

#13 Box Garden Strawberries

You can intersperse raised box gardens in between your regular beds for an interesting mix of regular bed and raised bed gardening. Here a sweet patch of strawberries is raised above the surrounding vegetables.

#14 Bring A Box Garden As Your Hostess Gift

Fill a decorative box with a few of your favorite plants and bring it to the next party you’re invited to. It’s a perfect hostess gift for outdoors or in.

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