14 Stunning Oriental Garden Style Designs

by Marry Dell

    If you are a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss our post today. Here are 14 stunning oriental garden designs that everyone will love. With these ideas, you can add the elegance of a Japanese, Korean design in your yard along with trees, plants, artificial streams, bridges, and waterfalls. You will be immersed in a full green life. Check them out with us to see how they beautiful are.
    14 Stunning Oriental Garden Style Designs
    As you see, these ideas here not only help increase the aesthetics of the house but also make great places where are perfect for relaxing and resting. It is great if you set a table with some chairs, and enjoy nature around rather than you go outside and just drink a coffee! We also hope that you will find one that is suitable for your favorite. Whether any designs are chosen, it will brighten up whole your house. Are you ready to take a look and find one for your garden? Here we go!

    #1 A Flowerful Backyard with Wooden Accents

    You can create a relaxing space by growing flowers and other colorful plants. Add wood accents to complete the look.

    #2 Mini Garden with a Bridge

    This mini backyard garden with a bridge and stones looks simply adorable.

    #3 A Spa Garden

    Do you want to enjoy the spa in the middle of nature? Let’s make it in your own backyard.

    #4 Garden with a Pond

    Create a small pond and surround it with stones and plants.

    #5 A Colorful Yard

    Grow different colored plants and leave a small space in the middle of the garden to sit and relax.

    #6 A Bamboo Gate

    Design a creative looking bamboo garden gate and add two potted plants by its side. This idea is perfect for owning a rustic garden.

    #7 Japanese Garden with a Buddha

    A mini pond, a buddha statue, and many different plants make for a relaxing garden.

    #8 Gravel Decor

    Cut plants in circular and other shapes and grow them in a garden with stone gravel.

    #9 Minimalistic Oriental Garden

    Add table, chairs, a bid water feeder, and two wooden poles to match the look of the gravel garden.

    #10 Artificial Stream

    If you have a big garden then you can create an artificial stream and make a mini outhouse to enjoy the view.

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