15 Amazing DIY Projects To Do With Old Tree Stumps

Don’t let your tree stumps stay boringly on their own! You can turn them into charming rustic garden arts and yard decorations. They will be the star of your garden. These will save you a lot of budget, too. All they require is your patience and some basic gardening skills. Once you get interested in what you’re doing, you will perform it excellently. It is a rewarding process.


We’ve rounded up 15 amazing DIY projects to do with old tree stumps. If you have random tree trunks in your yard awaiting excavation, just give these a try. Tree stump fairy garden, tree stump birth bath, tree stump pot stand, tree stump fairy garden house and some other are recommended here. These create a simple rustic picture for your garden, making it more attractive when you see from inside or out. Let’s get started!

#1 Tree Stump Fairy Garden

#2 Tree Stump Bird Bath

#3 Tree Stump Mailbox

#4 Tree Stump Planter

#5 Tree Stump Decorative Mushrooms

#6 Tree Stump Playground

#7 Tree Stump Chair

#8 Tree Stump Garden Decor and Sculpture

#9 Tree Stump Pot Stand

#10 Tree Stump Fairy Garden House

#11 Tree Stump Bird House

#12 DIY Outdoor Tree Stump Table

#13 Tree Stump Light Stand

#14 Tree Stump Fire Pit

#15 Tree Stump Hanging Planter