15 Amazing Uses Of Eggshells In Your Home And Garden

by Sasha Ridley

    After enjoying a delicious breakfast with eggs, you shouldn’t toss eggshells in the trash immediately. An eggshell is more than just a useful container for the nutritious yolk and egg white inside, but also it is a prime example of nature’s perfect packaging. It has many good uses that you can take advantage of. And that is the reason why in the post today, we want to share the 15 best uses of eggshell in the home and garden you should know.
    15 Amazing Uses Of Eggshells In Your Home And Garden
    You may not have heard it yet, but just as you can eat the peels of organic bananas or lemons, eggshells can also be eaten. The eggshell contains a high source of calcium, just half an eggshell provides you with your daily recommended calcium intake. Like humans, plants also love this nutrient of eggshells. So, you can crush eggshells and carry them straight out into the garden. In addition, there are many other amazing uses such as start seedlings, protect your crops from pests, or make an eggshell face mask,… To see more, let check them out here.

    #1 Start Seedlings

    Eggshell is one of the most eco-friendly planting options. Fill the shell halfway with soil, carefully place your seeds, and wait for them to grow. When the plants are large enough, you can transplant the entire pot to the garden, where the shell will break down, providing added calcium to the soil around it.

    #2 Garden Mulch

    Eggshells not only help to aerate the soil as they improve water flow but also the eggshells will also release calcium over time. So, crush your eggshells and carry them straight out into the garden.

    #3 Nourish Tomatoes

    The eggshell contains high calcium that helps your tomato plants will prevent blossom-end rot (not a disease, but a physiological disorder created by a calcium imbalance). For the same reason, eggshells are extremely beneficial for your squashes, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli too!

    #4 Feed Eggshells To Chickens

    If you want healthy eggs from your chickens, just toss the eggshells right back at them! Laying hens need plenty of calcium, and if you find that your chickens are in fact eating their own eggs, it may be because of a vitamin deficiency.

    #5 Repel Pests

    Using eggshell to repel snails and slugs in your garden. Simply crush eggshells around the base of plants.

    #6 Compost

    In order to increase the quality of your compost, you will want to add all the biodegradable matter that you can, eggshells included. Having a compost pile reduces your trash and helps the garden too.

    #7 Wild Bird Food

    Just as you can feed your chickens, you can also give a little support to the wild birds. Firstly, you bake, then crush the shells into bite-sized pieces, and sprinkle in their feed mix or on the ground for them to find.

    #8 Boil Eggshells In Your Coffee

    The powdered, or finely broken up the shell, of just one egg is enough to make 4 cups of fantastic coffee. It is a great way to get some calcium with your brew if you are sipping dairy-free.

    #9 Toss Eggshells In Your Bone Broth Or Stock Pot

    Adding eggshells into your bone broth that is extremely beneficial. It won’t change the flavor, and you will feel the nutritional boost!

    #10 Add Them To Apple Cider Vinegar

    Add some dried eggshells to a jar of apple cider vinegar, with the mother, and let nature science do it’s work. The end result will be a tincture that relieves acid reflux, treats minor skin irritations and itchy skin.

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