15 Beautiful Flowers And Their Meanings For Life

15 Beautiful Flowers And Their Meanings For Life

Each flower has its own beauty but also has its own meaning in life. There are flowers that represent friendship, others symbolize love. Thanks to these meanings, flowers always are chosen as gifts to send messages as well as express feelings to relatives and friends.
15 Beautiful Flowers And Their Meanings For Life
And in the post today, we are so glad to reveal 15 of the best beautiful flowers in the world and their good meanings in life. They are the most popular that are preferred by many people of all ages from before to now. If you want to give someone special in the upcoming time, these are great ideas. Let save them, you will choose a suitable flower for each purpose in special events. Check them out!

#1 Azaleas

Azaleas have to do with love, but it is a message of fragile passion, temperance, and a subtle plea to take care of one’s self for the sender. They are also a symbol of womanhood in China.

#2 Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath symbolizes purity of heart and innocence. Just looking at this tiny, delicate white flower and at its name gives a good hint as to its meaning.

#3 Carnations

The carnation has meanings include fascination, distinction, impulsiveness, joy, and divine or devoted love. It is also the birth flower for January.

#4 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum’s message is one of happiness, cheerfulness, joy, and optimism. Like carnations, there are subtler meanings to some of the colors. Red Chrysanthemum is a declaration of love; White Chrysanthemum is truth, and loyal love; and yellow Chrysanthemum is slighted love.

#5 Cyclamens

The symbolism of the cyclamen is resignation or farewell.

#6 Daffodils

The daffodil has several possible meanings to choose from. Rebirth and new beginnings are perhaps the most obvious for this early-blooming flower. Also included are regard, chivalry, unrequited love, and eternal life. A single daffodil can also carry a message of misfortune.

#7 Daisies

Daisies signify purity, innocence, loyalty (especially in love), beauty, simplicity, and patience. There are also overtones of love conquering all.

#8 Gladiolus

Gladiolus represents the strength of character, preparedness, sincerity, and love at first sight.

#9 Hyacinths

Hyacinths have a decidedly playful overtone. They represent games, playful joy, rashness, and sport. They can also show an apology, particularly purple hyacinths.

#10 Irises

Irises have a very noble symbolism; they represent wisdom, faith, hope, valor, and valued friendship, a promise in love.

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